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Windows Xp Pro OEM Installs?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Iannyen, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Iannyen

    Iannyen Private E-2

    I think I may have thrown the baby out with the bathwater...

    I've been systematically upreading and replacing components on my PC for the last couple of years. I started w/ a MB/chipset, and got an OEM winders xp pro w/ it. replaced case/ps, gc, sc, network, cd rom, and finally, the HD. When I tossed the case, I couldn't get the id sticker off, so I copied down all the info, and archived it. Well, when I went to swap out HD's, I wanted a clean install of XP, so I decided to load it fresh rather than ghost over. Long story.. err, well, I can't seem to find my XP install CD. Standard retail pro versions won't accept the cd key. Is there such a thing as a replacement install disk? I dont' want or need a product key, I have that. I just want to get what I paid for onto something else that I paid for. PS- while I still have the other HD, its pretty corrupted and ancient, so its in a HD graveyard till another PC recycling day comes up.

    So, is there such a beast?
  2. bjgarrick

    bjgarrick MajorGeeks Admin - Malware Expert

    Was the disc you lost an OEM copy or did it come with the computer from a manufacturer?
  3. Iannyen

    Iannyen Private E-2

    Yes, it was. It was an original "holo" disk w/ the supersticky superblingy product key sticker, and sjrinkwrapped. I got it when I bought the MB/Chipset.
  4. bjgarrick

    bjgarrick MajorGeeks Admin - Malware Expert

    The only suggestion I have is to look everywhere for that disc. If it was like a Dell reinstallation disc they could send you another but being this is an OEM disc, most likely not going to get another without buying it. You may can take it to a local computer shop and use there OEM disc with your purchased key but that would be there decision.

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