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WinPatrol and Windows Service Pack 2 Update

Discussion in 'Software' started by NICK ADSL UK, Aug 19, 2004.


    NICK ADSL UK MajorGeeks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    WinPatrol and Windows Service Pack 2 Update

    When upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2 WinPatrol will Alert you a number of times. Each message should be from Microsoft. If so, click YES!

    During the update Microsoft installs a number of new components including new Media drivers that need to be registered using a program called regsvr32.exe

    To complete your Service Pack 2 install it's important to allow these components to be registered which will happen when you reboot. After reboot these autostart entries will automatically be removed.

    Click Yes
    The commands will look like the following...

    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmnetmgr.dll
    regsvr32 /s /u C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmv8dmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmvdmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmvdmoe2.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmadmoe.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmspdmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmspdmoe.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmsdmoe.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmsdmoe2.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmadmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\mpg4dmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\mp43dmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\mp4sdmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmsdmod.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\laprxy.dll
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\logagent.exe /RegServer
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmvcore.dll
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\msnetobj.dll
    C:\WINDOWS\INF\unregmp2.exe /MigrateLibrary
    C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\migrate.exe /s
    regsvr32 /s C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmp.dll

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