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Wireless Problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ballistic*FURY*, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. ballistic*FURY*

    ballistic*FURY* Private E-2

    I have linksys wireless G router setup and have connections to net working. However my computer with wireless G PCI card is installed and the connection to router is excellent but it won't let me accses the net. The router is hooked up to a windows2000 system while mine is XP. Someone was telling me had to run the connection wizard on router pc but unsure which to use. NEED HELP!!! THX :rolleyes:
  2. kjanz

    kjanz Corporal

  3. RickM

    RickM Private First Class

    With wireless its important to understand the difference in being associated and authenticated (in your case on the network). You are seeing great link but unable to access anything. Your wireless adapter is associated to the wireless AP (radio on the router) but at this point not obtaining layer 3 (IP). How is your adapter setup? What is your routers IP and subnet. Are you manually assigning an IP? Two things right off, make sure you are on the same subnet, and second, your gateway (PC adapter) points to your routers IP.

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