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Xbox Madden Online Play

Discussion in 'Software' started by unclematty, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. unclematty

    unclematty Private First Class

    Why can playstation play madden online but xbox cant?

    Will the next version of Madden for xbox be xbox live compatible?
  2. Todd

    Todd oddity

    xbox. does not support unline game play with any ea games...mainly because they want u to buy their titles....top spin, fever, etc....i doubt if they will change it next year.. but i have yet to hear anything...or care i enjoy fever more then madden
  3. kefka

    kefka Private E-2

    omg no online for madden? gets boring playing your sister when she is making 99yrd touchdown passes
  4. Evc31680

    Evc31680 Lou Ten-Ten

    Madden? Bah

    ESPN NFL Football and NFL Fever are better games.

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