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XP Home versus XP Pro

Discussion in 'Software' started by Jungalist, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Jungalist

    Jungalist Private E-2

    What's the difference?
  2. jxrry59

    jxrry59 Private E-2

    the pro version is a lot more stable because companies wouldn't put up with the crap a single license user does
  3. †T-Rex †

    †T-Rex † Specialist

    This has actually been discussed a few times before if I recall correctly. Do a search for XP Home and XP Pro... you may come up with a few things that might be of some use. Basically, XP Pro has more security... along with more options and such than XP home. By more security, I mean you have the ability to configure group policies and permissions. With XP Home, you can't really do this. Kind of like NT 4.0 was... remember that OS?

    Anyway, XP Pro would be the better choice if you're trying to decide what OS to buy for your home PC... but to say that without knowing what your uses are going to be for the machine, it's a little inaccurate. I simply say that XP Pro would be better due to the more advanced options and security. :)
  4. suesman

    suesman First Sergeant

    I think the coolest thing about Pro is the "Automated Recovery" thingy. I believe that's what its called. Also the "Remote Desktop" feature. Pro is just much more stable & secure than what Home is. NTFS is just bette all the way around. When I first got XP Pro I was running it with then FAT32, but now I'm running NTFS & not a glitch or blip since then. I did learn the hard way the some old floppies I have can't be read on the NT File Structure. :( That blows. If I'm wrong on that someone please correct me. Paleeze. LOL
  5. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    i didnt think you could format floppies with NTFS without doing a reg-hack or somthing...

    Umm, myself i would say never put yourself thru the torture of using Home, well thats a bit strong but all my PCs here have home and its a complete pain the butt since Home is a cut down version of Pro (you have to use simple file sharing, etc. ) and there seem to be holes in it as well where modules have been ripped out but a couple of references have been left in (especially when using the MMC, ive found)

    If you can afford Pro it would be better, because as you learn more about XP everything will be there, rather than in Home where often i find "oh, they took it out of home... "

    I ran pro on my old rig *cough*corporate*cough* for a while (until it became a non entity) and it was good. I prefered it over Home.

    But anyway, there are several other discussions about this, MT would probably know plenty on this subject, but anyway just contributing my bit :)
  6. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest


    What does licensing have to do with stability?

    XPH and XPP are the same OS, except XPH has less features and abilities.
  7. suesman

    suesman First Sergeant

    Well see that's my point about the floppies. :D These were made while running FAT32. Now they wouldn't read on the NTFS. I'm gonna install a cd burner in one of the other machines in the house and just copy all the contents over.
  8. da chicken

    da chicken MajorGeek

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