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xp pro video card and monitor

Discussion in 'Software' started by Scheup, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Scheup

    Scheup Private E-2

    Ok, here goes. Hope I get it all explained right. I'll try to break it down...
    HP Pavilion xt923
    HP Pavilion mx50-monitor

    reformatted computer
    installed windows xp pro
    video card wouldn't work
    disabled on board video card
    NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 video card
    updated those drivers
    worked on the monitor at work
    got it home won't work here
    boots can hear it, but screen is black
    can only boot in VGA compatible mode
    I have tried all the different places to plug the monitor in
    went to HP page and d/l drivers for monitor
    nothing helps
    can't get the resolution to change
    HELP. lol
  2. dwjj

    dwjj Private E-2

    uhmmm, bad video card maybe?
  3. alanc

    alanc MajorGeek

    Which version nvidia drivers did you install?
  4. BigBird

    BigBird Private First Class

    well, you should plug the monitor into the installed video card port, not the onboard video port. Hell I made that mistake once....just check to make sure!
  5. Scheup

    Scheup Private E-2

    Actually I did that the first time. lol But it is in the right slot now.
    As for the other replies. I don't think it is a bad video card, I went through the steps and updated the Adapter, and it will boot now. It will also play War Craft III, but won't play Gunbound, I take that back. You can play one game but won't go back to the "room", just goes black. So, I guess for the most part it is working now.
    One last thing, this is an awesome site! Everyone seems so friendly. I did a search and is how I found this one. Found another one, can't remember b/c after seeing how rude some responses were, knew it wasn't for me!

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