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Yahoo won't release my homepage

Discussion in 'Software' started by flickyvicky48, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. flickyvicky48

    flickyvicky48 Private E-2

    I have tried all of the obvious things. The use current button in my internet options is greyed out. Every time I put another address in the yahoo comes back. I have a windows xp. I have spybot, ad-aware plus, hijack this. I have tried going thru my spybot to see if anything was checked there and nothing was. I have tried everything I can think of. If anyone has anyway of restoring my homepage and getting rid of yahoo I am all ears. My system is clean of any virus. I just recently uninstalled the yahoo IM, and it still wants to open up on start up. Can anyone explain that one?
  2. Robert

    Robert Sergeant

    Hi There,
    Not sure this will help but I ran across this on a help site once and it may help you resolve the problem - It sounds very like what you have described but for AOL read Yahoo
    Tired of having your browser window running an animated logo of an ISP you bailed out of last year? Wish your browser's title bar didn't reveal that you are--gasp!--an AOL user? It's easy to return Internet Explorer to its native, nonbranded state. All you do is choose Start, Run, type rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear in the Open field, and press Enter
    Hope this helps
  3. flickyvicky48

    flickyvicky48 Private E-2

    3 Thank you Robert for trying. I did what you suggested, but it didn't work. That has been my experience. I even uninstalled the yahoo IM, it is still coming on on start up, explain that one, lol. Yes I am on Aol. I have had great experience with AOL. This thing with the homepage is driving me nuts. I have run several of my spyware programs and they all say my system is clean. If you have anymore suggestions please feel free to try. I will be open to try anything. Thanks.
  4. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    Greetings and welcome to MajorGeeks.

    See if THIS helps.

    Once you fix it, I suggest you use the "Tea Timer" feature of Spybot, as well as SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster to prevent homepage hijacking and spyware.
  5. sosaman

    sosaman Sergeant Major

    in case i missed it, what browser are you using (internet explorer, etc.)? and you uninstalled yahoo im through add/remove programs, uninstaller, or how? try checking your startup (start - all programs - startup), as well as checking msconfig (run - type "msconfig"), and see if yahoo im is there? - sos
  6. flickyvicky48

    flickyvicky48 Private E-2

    I am really appreciating all of the help. Let me answer the questions first. Yes I do have IE. I have ad-aware, spybot, Mcaffee(came with AOL) Windows virus protection and firewall. AOL spyware, Hijack this (new) the ad-aware is the plus verson. I also have spyware blaster. I use the custom sender list so I get no spam. I tried doing the msconfig that you suggested to get rid of the yahoo IM on startup, it did not work. I did find a yahoo entry and unchecked it hoping that would take care of it. But it did not. I am new at the forum so please bear with me. I am trying to give you all of the info I can. Please keep trying. Thanks for all of the help.
  7. Robert

    Robert Sergeant

    If all the above fails, have you gone to control panel clicked on install/uninstall programs migrate down to IE click on it and to open up the repair/restore facility built in. Or did I miss that??. Failing EVERYTHING else and assuming no-one has any other suggestions that solve the problem I would give IE the big razoo and download install the latest FireFox to use as an alternative until one day in the future to the problem thunders out. By then I surmise you will be so taken by FF that IE will no longer be your favourite browser
  8. Robert

    Robert Sergeant

    Afterthought - download Start Page Guard install and see if that works. It's and ugly looking thingy but it works and could be the answer to your problem. Probably have to do a google for it if not available here on MG.
    Cheers Again
  9. flickyvicky48

    flickyvicky48 Private E-2

    :eek: Hello everyone, you have really been giving me an education. I have learned more in the past 2 days that I have in a year. I will give you an update. KAULA: I did all of the things you suggested, I could not find the home page under the key, there were several other values there but not the one you had mentioned. I had already went in to spybot and nothing was checked there. SOSAMAN: I checked the place you told me to in msconfig and I found yahoo in the startup and unchecked it. In fact with everyone suggestions I found yahoo in spybot and deleted it in 2 places as well in my windows security and in my browser, but it came back anyway. It still opens up (IM) on startup. Every place that everyone has suggested and I have found a yahoo there I have either deleted it or unchecked it, and it hasn't worked. Is this maddening or what? ROBERT: I will try your suggestions right now the new browser idea is sounding pretty good. I just don't know how my system will react to it. If you all like a challenge please keep trying. THANKS

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