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Computer making strange double sound.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Beseech, May 2, 2013.

  1. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2


    Please help. I allowed someone use my computer last night. Now, I am having issues with it. The issues are probably related.

    When I move the mouse, every few seconds, the pointer on the screen suddenly stops for a second or two, then can move again. The computer then makes a double sound, like "klunk-klunk." This is extremely annoying and has to stop.

    The klunk-klunk sound happens sometimes when I'm not even moving the mouse.

    (Note: It's the same sound that routinely happens when I plug something into the USB port.)

    Please help me to fix the problem.
  2. mdonah

    mdonah Major Geek Extraordinaire

    That "klunk - klunk" sound you describe sounds like the internal hard drive enclosure may be wobbling when it starts to spin up — what make and model of computer are you using?
  3. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

  4. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    If this is what I think it is, I have found only one cure for it. I don't know if you are on XP, Vista, 7, etc., but I don't think it really matters with Windows versions when it comes to lags and double clutches (grabs).

    If you can stand it, I recommend taking a look at this thread (*there are some long posts in it). I think the information in the thread might help you with this problem and help you to have the kind of performance you are looking for from your PC:


    This is a follow up to the same subject:

  5. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks for the response. I don't think that it's a hardware issue: the klunk sound doesn't come from the tower, but from the speakers.

    I don't know if it's a virus, I ran my anti-virus but to no effect. What else could it possibly be?
  6. djdmoney863

    djdmoney863 Private E-2

    Try running MS config to isolate the issue. Type MSCONFIG in the search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the search results. Microsoft's System Configuration Utility will come up. Click on the Services tab, it will populate all the running services on the system This set may take a while to do but, click the "disable all" button. Then go by one by one to the check boxes until the "klunk-klunk." noise reappears then you have caught the culprit program. Have you already tried running any malware removal tools yet? There's no telling what sites or programs could have been accessed while they were using your system. Also how often do the "klunk-klunk." sounds occur?
  7. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks AtlBo for your response. I'll check out the threads you suggested.

    But seeing that it may take a while to read, if anyone else disagrees, or has any different ideas or more to add, please share. Thanks.
  8. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks djdmoney. I'll try what you suggested. As to your question, the klunk-klunk sounds occur randomly. Sometimes, 3 or 4 times in a span of ten seconds, sometimes going for intervals of a couple of minutes before happening again. It almost always happens immediately after my mouse freezes, but sometimes happens even when I don't move the mouse.

    Do you think that maybe the problem could merely be that my mouse is at the end of its functioning life, and needs to be replaced?
    Last edited: May 2, 2013
  9. djdmoney863

    djdmoney863 Private E-2

    I don't think the mouse would be at the end of it's life if it was functioning properly before you lent it out your friend. Possible but kind of unlikely, I seen this issue before and can count that it's a software issue more than likely. If all else fails you can also try a system restore as well back to a date that you are for sure that the noise issue wasn't happening.
  10. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hey, so I tried this and the computer wouldn't let me access it. It says,
    "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

    There are no other user accounts on the computer. I SHOULD have access. How can I change it? Please help.
  11. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi. I read the first thread you recommended. I'll read the second one after I make full sense of the first. I think the core value of that thread is that you recommend I download Process Lasso; download GBoost 1.03.0; and JetBoost
    Furthermore, I should not install JetBoost, but instead follow the directions you've given for it.
    Also, it would be wise for me to purchase CleanMem, though this is not imperative.

    Am I correct?
  12. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    basically yes that is correct, but you can use the free version of CleanMem. It has the tools you will need the most. Also, yes do install JetBoost. After installing select "Customize" and DESELECT every process in every category. Make sure to be careful to see the scroll bars right of the processes, so you don't miss the ones at the bottom of each category. Once they are all deselected, close JetBoost. Now open Task Manager and then reopen JetBoost. Click "Customize" again and choose Task Manager there. Now go to the Boost bubble and select "Boost". JetBoost and GBoost will both remember your settings even through boots.

    Once you have JetBoost set up this way, when you boot you just open Task Manager, then the JetBoost menu and press the Boost button on JetBoost. Also, this gives you a platform for experimenting with the JetBoost settings if you want to. JetBoost does optimize with essentially nothing at all selected to shut down. However, you can test the settings one by one. I just have it for its native optimizing qualities...

    CleanMem...highly recommend adding this. It's a great program. If you do install CleanMeme, choose the "Ignore List" from the 3rd part of the CleanMem Settings Wizard (started from the "Mini Monitor" system tray icon right click menu). Add at least Explorer.exe, ProcessGovernor.exe (the business part of Process Lasso), GBoost.exe, and JetBoostTray,exe to the list for full mouse and keyboard and Windows functionality. For the ignore list, think of programs you like functioning at their fullest like games and media players...maybe backup, video converters, . The wizard is in 4 parts. Just leave parts 1,2, and 4 the way they are set if you are using the ignore list.
  13. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi. So I downloaded Process Lasso, GBoost, and JetBoost. I hope I did it all correctly. I must mention that when I downloaded Process Lasso, it said that either I don't have the correct Windows edition or the correct bit size. (Something like that; I can't fully recall.) When I installed Jetboost, I deselected all of the checkboxes; however, there was only ONE scroll list of checkboxes.
    I don't know if that scroll list included all of the categories you talked about, or if I missed something. I then followed the rest of your instructions and when I started Jetboost from the task manager, the window stated thus:

    Processes stopped: 0
    Services stopped: 12
    Performance increased: 40%

    Is this correct? Or did I err?

    (Note: I did not yet download CleanMem, but I will do so later when I have time._

  14. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Beseech OK...

    Which version of Windows (I assume you use one Windows version or another)? Hope we can get Process Lasso going on your PC...

    On JetBoost, right click and select "Show window". Then select "Restore". Now select "Configure" again look to see if you see some tabs across the top. The reason I say uncheck all the boxes is that JetBoost goes hard after Windows processes. By using the procedure with Task Manager, you can use JetBoost without shutting anything down per se. Then if you like you can experiment and/or read up on the processes JetBoost recommends you shut down.

    I think you'll really like CleanMem. I have found it works much better when I use the "Ignore" list and then when I include Explorer.exe, JetBoostTray.exe, GBoost.exe, ProcessGovernor.exe, and any others that I like running without limitations (or that run on a schedule, etc.) when in use. I didn't include any browsers in the list, but I did include media players and video converters, back up programs, defrag, etc...
  15. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo;

    I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.

    As for JetBoost, I right-clicked on it; I did not see the "Show Window" option, so I launched the program. A pop-up box said "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to this computer?" To enter the program, I clicked "Yes", which enabled me to click "Restore" and then "Configure."

    I then deselected all of the checkboxes under all of the categories. The categories were:
    Processes, Services, Non-Windows Services, Other;

    The problem that emerged was that it said: "Please select at least one item."

    In the other thread (the thread you recommended to me), you said to deselect all options EXCEPT Task Manager. However, "tast manager" was not an option in any of the lists.
  16. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    OK...open Task Manager before you start JetBoost (I mean even before JB is open at all), then start JetBoost, press "Configure" and the Task Manager option should be the only box checked if you had them all unchecked before. You won't have to check again to see if it's checked. Any time you run JB in the future, just press the Boost button. Just have to have Task Manager open for JB to add it to the list that first time, then it remembers.

    Then press the Boost button and Task Manager will close. No big deal, you can still open it any time. That's how JetBoost works. It closes selected programs once, but they can still be opened any time, even while JB is on.

    I have JetBoost set to launch on boot, so it stays in the system tray (apologies...I meant right click on the system tray icon for the "Show Window" start up). Sometimes on boot the system tray icon will be red, meaning JB is on, sometimes it will be blue. When it's blue, I just right click the system tray icon and select "Show Window" and then press the "Boost" button. JB remembers settings from the previous Windows session, so I just leave that way. I haven't experimented with any of the settings, but there is definitely a boost there, even though it's only set to close Task Manager on my PC.

    Startup settings are available from the system tray icon right click menu. Just click "Settings"...

    Oh Beseech...I'll get back to you on Windows 7 and Process Lasso. I think you must right click the installer and run as administrator. I will check...
  17. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Are you sure you have the correct version of Process Lasso for your PC, 32 or 64 bit? There are versions for both...
  18. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo,

    I did what you directed and sure enough, Task Manager appeared in the list; so I kept it checked and deselected all of the rest and booted it. Thanks for the guidance.
    I will also set it so that it launches on boot.

    I don't know if my computer is 32 bit or 64 bit. How do I find out? You're right, I may not be using the correct version of Process Lasso.
  19. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    I also want to add that after I clicked Boost, it gave the following statistics:

    Processes stopped: 1
    Services stopped: 0
    Performance increased: 8%

    Also, when do I use JetBoost? Should I have it on all of the time when I'm using my computer? And what is the purpose of the "Restore" bubble? When, if ever, do I need to click it?
  20. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    Just to rule things out (I didn't see anyone suggest this), if you are using a USB mouse, have you tried plugging in a different mouse to see if that alleviates the problem? or even plugging that mouse into a different USB port?

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