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Old 05-14-12, 08:51
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Default Portable 4-pin Molex

Lately I have been working on a project that isn't exactly Computer related but I'm using Computer modding supplies.

I'm using various 12v lights and gadgets that were designed for computer usage, powered by 4-pin Molex Connections.

I have been using Wall power adapters from Old electronics that have died but their power Adapters still work.

My problem is that my project must be portable. I have been looking at different battery packs to put into a backpack but cant find a very cheap and viable option that will last a long amount of time. Preferably all day (7-12 hrs) without charge.

Now that I have Described my dilemma, on to Describing the project. I'm constructing a Minecraft style Deadmau5 Head to Wear to Various conventions in my state. I have 2 Red LED strips to light up the eyes, 2 Cold-Cathode Tubes with a sound activation power module and a 80mm fan to help ventilate air.
That's what I have currently. I also want to add 2 EL Wire Strips.

I also need to paint or upholster it.

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Old 05-17-12, 21:59
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Default Re: Portable 4-pin Molex

Welcome to the forum
I'm constructing a Minecraft style Deadmau5 Head to Wear to Various conventions in my state
Haha There are various batteries you can use but it's tough to pick one without knowing your needs,weight,size,cost ect So if you could elaborate how large a battery would you like size wise. How heavy would you like the battery to be half pound,1lb,2lbs or more would you not mind carrying a 5lb-10lb battery around on your back and most importantly exactly how much do you want to spend?

Do you know the total power consumption of all your lights combined? You can work it out by adding all the light wattages up 'your cold cathode inverters should have their wattage listed on them somewhere or in the doco's" then dividing by 12 to give you a current reading in amps or use a multimeter to measure the current from your 12V source by connecting the multimeter in "Series" between your power adapter and lights.

Once you know roughly how much power they draw in amps the calculation to work out what battery you'll need for it to last 10-12 hours is easy.
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Old 06-02-12, 01:17
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Default Re: Portable 4-pin Molex

I was going to suggest a small 12Volt sealed lead/acid garden type or scooter battery. They are small, and I used to power a camping TV with one that weighed in at about 8lbs. Lasted a 2 - 3 hours. Not sure how advisable it would be to carry it around indoors with you though . . . the ones I used didn't leak, but they could I suppose. A good container would be a must.

At anyrate, I'd go with a rechargable rig of some sort. It can get expensive really fast to use non-rechargable batteries.
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Old 11-26-12, 11:28
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Default Re: Portable 4-pin Molex

I to would use a lead acid type but stay away from the cheap unbranded ones as these things often
don't give the capacity they state, a 7 amp hour one will give you about 4 amp hour when it's new.
After a year or so it wont give anywhere near that capacity and will run down extremely quick.
It's best to get one made by Yuasa, they cost a bit more but it's worth it they are also leak proof.
Old 01-18-13, 19:07
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Default Re: Portable 4-pin Molex

if you're still looking
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Old 01-20-13, 12:19
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Default Re: Portable 4-pin Molex

Lithium/ion batteries have more power and weigh a LOT less.
Like the lead/acid they like to stay charged so be sure to plan your time with lights on.

Might be too expensive, but an elegant solution.
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