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2 Questions. AMD 6000+ v fx 62 and MOBO

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ellis902, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. ellis902

    ellis902 Private First Class

    Hello again everyone. I'm thinking about an upgrade I currently have:

    AMD x2 3800+
    256mb x850xt
    1mb RAM
    Asrock SATA2 GLAN
    250 SATA Seagate hard drive

    I am thinking what to get out of the AMD Athlon x2 6000+ or the AMD FX-62
    What's better perfomance for gaming?

    Also I want to buy 2gb Corsair Dominate RAM

    Could my current motherboard have all these components compitable?
    If not could someone tell me what the best motherboard to get would be to handle all of these components.

  2. ellis902

    ellis902 Private First Class

    Forgot to mention it's AM2

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