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Acer Laptop - Network Card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by oh_no_not_her_again, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. oh_no_not_her_again

    oh_no_not_her_again Private First Class

    I can't access the internet. I have excellent signal strength and the status says it's connected but I think my Acer laptop needs the network card switching on.

    I have probably worded this incorrectly but on Dell laptops if you press the Fn button and F2 it switched the connection off/on

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with the device manager.

    How do I do it on the Acer?

    Kind regards
  2. hopperdave2000

    hopperdave2000 MajorGeek

    All I can suggest is to visit the Acer web site, and download the manual for your model of laptop, and give it a good read. Or check thru the FAQ's or the help/support pages. There also may be a WLAN utility, but these aren't usually required for wireless internet access; they are usually for easy switching between wired or wireless access and don't effect connectivity. You may have corrupt Winsock entries and TCP/IP info... check this link and follow the instructions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811259/en-us If you follow these directions EXACTLY and reboot when required, you can't do any harm to your system (but read the warnings in the link: other programs may have entries in the Winsock keys; they won't work after following this info). I've used the info from this link to repair connectivity MANY times, so give it a shot....


    You can also try Dial-A-Fix and/or IEFix available free, here at MajorGeeks.
  3. abri

    abri MajorGeek

    Hi Onnha!
    Nice to see you again! Is your laptop new? Or has something changed? Have you used this computer with the internet ever?
  4. oh_no_not_her_again

    oh_no_not_her_again Private First Class

    Hi there,

    For some reason it's reconnected itself.......(User error again!!)

    Hi Abri! Yes, I'm collecting laptops and desktops! (Two laptops and one desktop now!)

    Have to try and stop looking at Major Geeks as I'm getting addicted to it! I also have to stop nattering folk unnecessarily!


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