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acer ram

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rikki661, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. rikki661

    rikki661 Private E-2

    hi i think i need to buy more ram for my acer travelmate 2410 it has only 256mb at the mo and starts up very slow and when running its using 75%to91%.
    how do i go about this as i havent got a clue? how much should i get for it ? and do i still keep the one thats in now or will that be no good if another make of ram is used ? where is the best place to get it from? do you just slot it in and it will work or do you have to ajust settings in bios? any info please as this is a step forward for me thanks
  2. hopperdave2000

    hopperdave2000 MajorGeek

    If you're running WinXP, you should double the RAM to 512mb. On the back of the laptop you should see some compartments held w/ little screws. Typically, the RAM compartment is labeled w/ a little picture of a chip. Open it up and see if you have 2 slots available and if both are full. If both are full, you have 2x128mb of RAM and you'll have to replace both with 2x256mb. If only one is full, then obviously you can add a 2nd 256mb. If the PC is running slow right now, it's probably NOT because of a lack of RAM. I've seen XP run fine on 256mb. Check the Malware forums and see if you have some 'evil' crap-ola eating up your resources.... No BIOS settings need to be changed for a RAM upgrade. As to what type of RAM you'll need: check this link-
    http://www.crucial.com/index.asp and use the provided 'wizard' to find out exactly which type of RAM is most compatible w/ your PC. A visit to the Acer website wouldn't hurt either........... good luck!!!


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