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Acess denied, not authorized - Vista

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DaddySS, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. DaddySS

    DaddySS Private E-2

    Trying to get a new Vista machine to print to a shared printer on an XP machine. Vista can see the printer on the XP machine and when I double click it says access denied. The printer is set for sharing and other XP machines print to it. When I click on add printer it says I am not authorized even though I am on an administrator account. I can see and open files, just can't get to the printer????
  2. lbmest

    lbmest MajorGeek

  3. keeferj2

    keeferj2 Private E-2

    If you don't find the answer with the previous post link. Try this.

    1. Go to Add a Printer wizard
    2. Tell the wizard it is a local printer
    3. On the page that asks you to choose the port, select the create a port option and leave the choice as "local port"
    4. In the give the port a name box that appears, type in \\computername\printersharename putting in the appropriate names
    5. Finish the wizard in the normal way by selecting a printer from Windows' list or providing a disk with drivers.

    Worked like a charm. I believe it has to do with the spool folder on the XP machine not being shared. With this, the vista machine uses it's own SPOOL folder and then sends it to the printer. At least that's my quess.
  4. DaddySS

    DaddySS Private E-2

    Won't allow printer names that contain"\"?
  5. DaddySS

    DaddySS Private E-2

    This is really frustrating - just the one XP machine won't let me print - says access denied. The other XP machine has two printers and I get to them with no problem. I cannot find how to get rid of the access denied or you do not have sufficient permission issues......:cry

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