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Adding HDs, Vid card, Sound Card, Drivers and OS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gretzky 2 kurri, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. gretzky 2 kurri

    gretzky 2 kurri Private E-2

    Hello all, thanx for taking the time to read this.

    I recieved a computer, and am hoping to take my 2 hard drives and sound card from my old system, while adding a new video card.

    Ive done this all before, just not all at once, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of what to do in what order.

    MoBo: Asus A8V-e Deluxe
    Ram: 2 Gb sd
    Pwr: 500W

    Thanx in advance.:D
  2. kestrel1

    kestrel1 Private E-2

    What graphics card are you planing on getting?
    It doesn't matter what order you install the hardware, just choose the way to do it so that nothing is in the way of other components.
    You will probably want to install the HDD's first then the graphics card, then the sound card. But if the hard drives are in the way, you may need to try another way. This mostly depends on your case though.
  3. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    OK- you have PC #1 which is the one you just rec'd and you have PC#2 which is basically a bunch of parts (2 HDs, sound card, etc). Do you plan on using either of the 2 drives from PC#2 as your boot drive (drive C: )? If so, you will need to perform a repair install of Windows; a clean format and install is preferable if there's nothing you want to save. Other than that, just put the parts in PC#1 (be sure it's unplugged from the power) and be sure you have drivers ready BEFORE installing the devices. Let Windows load up and detect all the devices and see which ones actually will require a driver install, as Windows may have built-in drivers that it will install automatically.

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