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Advent 7110 Drivers.

Discussion in 'Software' started by JubeiTigeruk, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. JubeiTigeruk

    JubeiTigeruk Private E-2

    Hey guys and girls again...

    I have another Advent 7110 Laptop here also. I have done a reinstall of windows without the recovery disks.

    Looking for the drivers to install on the fresh reinstall of Windows Media Centre 2002.

    I am needing the Wireless Network Controller & Onboard Sound for this machine...

    I have checked "www.TheTechGuys.com site they gave me most the drivers but the Wireless one on there does not work i have tried it many times.

    Look forward to your help again!

    Thank you.

  2. JubeiTigeruk

    JubeiTigeruk Private E-2

    O yeah,

    also here is the hardware of the machine.

  3. ibbonkers

    ibbonkers First Sergeant

    have you tried this? http://support.thetechguys.com/layout.aspx?ID={e74fd16b-e0d5-4298-ac91-23d1dadb45eb}&CatID={6a5baa5b-067b-4e07-982e-53ca9c07d0de}
    still looking for sound for ya too
  4. savio__

    savio__ Private E-2

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