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ALBM files

Discussion in 'Software' started by Garbageman, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Garbageman

    Garbageman Private E-2

    I need some help...A while back ago our desktop crashed and we took our hard drive to someone to extract some files from it. My problem is our photos are all "ALBM" files and my laptop will not open them with nothing. It is to my understanding that these files are actually albums. I have even downloaded HP's photosmart essential 2.5 and no help..I even downloaded a program called "KONVERTER" it opened the pics but I do not know how to change these files to something like a jpeg or something else more common so I can open them. Some of these photos are of my wedding so yes I need to change them so even my wife can open them..ha ha ha...Is there anybody that can help me...I hope I have explained this right....
  2. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix Private First Class

    hmm, ive looked on there website

    there is a picture here: http://www.konvertor.net/images/konvertor_main_us.jpg

    at the top of that menu (the same kind of menu, that you should see) there is a button called convert, id assume (i haven't got the program myself), that you would click on a picture, or drag and select a few pictures, then click on the 'convert' button at the top - and it should give you prompts from there.
  3. Buck_nekid

    Buck_nekid Specialist

  4. Garbageman

    Garbageman Private E-2

    Yes, I did try clicking on the convert button many times and tried it many different ways but still nothing...there is a lot of buttons on that program and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed so it is possable im not doing it right I just dont know......as far as Buck_nekid responce I will download hp 3.5 tonight and see what happens will let you know later what happen
  5. bfitznm

    bfitznm Private E-2

    It took me a while but I found the converted files made by the "Konverter" program. They are in the subdirectories under the program files for Konverter. I copied the new pics back to my pics files and deleted the copies under the Koverter program files. Hope this helps! B

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