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Alternative Link for OTLPEStd.exe

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by ahboy123, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to install OTLPE on a Flashdrive, but I'm having trouble with the links provided. The first mirror never completes its download due to constant interruption by an unknown source. The second mirror can't be loaded. The thread I referred to is http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=216844 by chaslang. Please advice. Thanks.

  2. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    Welcome to Major Geeks!

    Mirror 2 is no longer valid but mirror 1 still works just fine for me. Thus the problem must be on your end.
  3. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    It's my pleasure to join Major Geeks! Thank you.

    Mirror 1 is working now. I have followed all the steps until (Quote) "Set the options as indicated in the below but replace charlie with your user name. Also where the image shows No USB Disks Found! make sure that the USB drive you will be formatting/erasing is selected. "

    The flash drive is already empty and can be seen on "My Computer", but it can't be selected in the "No USB Disk Found!". The program won't "Start" without this step. Please help.

    P.S. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.
  4. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    This could be the reason. I'm not sure if that procedure will work right on anything but a Win XP system.

    When you clicked on the usb_prep8.cmd file did you right click and select run as administrator? If not, try that and see what happens.
  5. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    I right-clicked the usb_prep8.cmd file and ran as Administrator. But the window PeToUSB did not pop up after I "press any key". Instead the command prompt continued with more lines like Attached Picture and ended with "Enter your choice".

    Attached Files:

  6. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

  7. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    My computer is infected and I was advised to refer to this forum regarding burning the ISO file into USB drive. My friend's computer works on an external disk drive and she lent it to her friend who is still out of town. It's the holiday season over here and she is the only friend I have in town. I did a little research and found out that Windows has this software: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, and an alternative: WinToFlash. Please advice. Thank you.
  8. thisisu

    thisisu Malware Consultant

    Technically you do not need a program to do this.

    Diskpart.exe which is apart of Windows can do this for you.

    Read the following for full instructions: http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/2216
    Pretty much everything is the same except you will be copying the ALL OF THE EXTRACTED contents of OTLPE_New_Std.iso onto the USB flash drive from a Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer (I tend to find that Windows XP's diskpart has a hard time detecting flash drives over a certain capacity)

    So the contents you will be copying to the flash drive are:
    • [BOOT] (folder)
    • I386 (folder)
    • PROGRAMS (folder)
    • SFX (folder)
    • AUTORUN.INF (file)
    • reatogoMenu.exe (file)
    • reatogoMenu.ini (file)
    • WIN51IP (file)
    • WIN51IP.SP2 (file)

    Remember to read that link though, because it must have an active partition formatted as FAT32.

    Just an fyi, diskpart can be accessed from command prompt.

    If you have difficulty with the first link's instructions, these are much more clearer but they do take some extra (unneeded) steps

  9. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    Hi Thisisu,

    Thanks for your advice. I have copied all the extracted files into the USB as FAT32 format. I followed instructions from the second link. and there are moments where the situation is not similar to the instruction prediction. ie: at "making the USB drive an active primary partition", there was an unexpected pop-up saying "Do you want to reformat removable drive D?". I ignored it by closing it.

    I rebooted my computer from the USB drive. But the screen shows a black screen saying:
    "Remove disk or other media.
    Press any key to restart

    And when I pressed any key, the line repeats itself. Did I copy the files correctly?
  10. thisisu

    thisisu Malware Consultant

    It sounds like you did not do it correctly.

    I would go through the procedure in the 2nd link again.

    Then go into the boot options and make sure you are selecting your USB drive as your boot device.
  11. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    I revised link 2 and unsure about step 6 for Formating the USB Drive and copying the install files. "Type xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f u:\ . The files will copy and may take a long time depending on the USB drive performance." We are not copying files from a DVD, so I read your instructions (quote) "you will be copying the ALL OF THE EXTRACTED contents of OTLPE_New_Std.iso onto the USB flash drive from a Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer".

    What I did previously was simply drag and drop the 9 files you listed into the USB drive, after the USB drive was formatted.

    During booting my computer, I tapped F12 as soon as "Dell logo" appears (By the way, the computer is a Dell XPS 15) and selected the USB drive by pressing "enter" from the list of devices appeared. And then the black screen comes out.

    Did I do it right?
  12. thisisu

    thisisu Malware Consultant

    Yes, you did. For some reason trying to boot from the USB is not working for me either. Sorry for the confusion I may have caused...
  13. ahboy123

    ahboy123 Private E-2

    It's fine. At least we know now and would propose better solutions next time. Is there anything else we can do to boot OTL in a USB drive?
  14. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    Probably not which is why I referenced the CD version. I think lots of people had issues trying to get the USB instructions to work properly. Even when all instructions worked as shown, the USB drive version did not work properly..... at least in some cases.

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