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Another 3000+ Cooling question !

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AMD steve, May 23, 2004.

  1. AMD steve

    AMD steve Private E-2

    I have recently had a prob with a amd 3000+ . It was running at 61c that was with the thermo pad in place.
    I was told my waranty could be void if I use anything else.
    Well after 3 days of worrying I used silocone paste and now It runs around 48c is this ok?
    Now I want to get some cooling in to the PC.
    What is the best thing to do..
    I have one side fan blowing out already.
    I would like to make sure it will never creep up again.
    Spec..Heatsink and fan came packed with CPU.. Gigabyt board kt600 chip
    2 80 gig hard drives
    512 ddr mem 400
    Gforce4 128 meg.
    Thanks Steve "UK"
  2. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    That my understanding.
    For stock PC no OC 48 is OK, some around here may disagree.
    Silicone Greese is maybe just one step up from thermal pad.
    Some stock HSF with thermal pad work great some dont.
    At least you have made temperature improvement.
    Might want to consider after market heat sink and fan, and possibly better choice of Thermal compound, not silicone, not greese.
    Here is link on Thermal material Reviews:
    Yes, Cooling is important.
    Look at this:
    Look at page 8 of pdf, you may find other pages imformative
    Note the powersupply air flow.
    More fans the better, but can get noisey.
    Fan's Low in front of case incoming air/ fans in back of case blowing out,
    fan in side of case optional in or out depends, sometimes in to help cool graphics card.
    I would filter all incomming air and would have slightly more air comming in than going out, Idea behind is in your case there is little cracks or spaceses that allow air to come in or out, if you have more air incomming than going out, then those little spaceses or cracks air would go out, which would help keep dust from creping in your case, also idea behind filtered incomming air.

    Dust is your enemy, dust or dirty hardware or components will result in higher Temp's

    Last note location of case, dont put by monitor, monitor's get hot, avoid any heat source, usually near floor is best.
  3. AMD steve

    AMD steve Private E-2

    Thanks for that..
    The difference in cooling compounds is vast. I did not even know that there was so many to choose from.
    I have just had the same with a AMD 2400+ this morning it was at 69c "wow"
    I replaced with paste and now its 54c on with no load.
    I still think that this is to hot.
    That is on a MSI kt4v board with kt400 chip.
    Its Annoying and believe me I have triedeverything.
    This one was one I sold so it had to work there and then.
    No time to order new paste.
    If you had to keep a "paste" in stock what would you say was a all round good stuff to have ?
    Do you know the best supplier to buy on-line ?
    Thanks Steve
  4. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    I have some AS 5 and Ceramique in stock, rather handy just rencently i had to put my web server together and it was the first thing to hand, and the AS gives me good temps on the server.

    The best retailer for things like that, is the person you're closest to! ;) i use overclockers.co.uk but if youre not in the UK that would be no use to you!
  5. AMD steve

    AMD steve Private E-2

    I would love to buy good compound . what is your URL I will visit and buy.

    I have had a go at a site ( my first) www.thisisrowlandsgill.co.uk
    Please contact me with anything I can use to reduce temps.
    Thanks Steve
  6. AMD steve

    AMD steve Private E-2

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    Will this help me ?
    Are these Any good.
    They are for sale at £29 gbp.
    I am undereducated on these.
    Please help.

    Coolermaster Jet7+ ACB-V83-U2 Cooler (Socket A) (HS-013-CM) [size=-1]
    Cooler Master's newest product, JET 7, has finally arrived. The new and improved Jet blower derives from the successful Aero blower. The amazing Jet 7 comes with an incredible blower that provides high airflow with the same air pressure and rpm rating. On top of the improved blower, Cooler Master also matches the Jet blower with new high performance stacking fin heat sink. This allows more heat dissipation area. Thanks to Cooler Master's creative R&D team, the blower housing resembles a jet engine, especially with the bright LED lights placed on the front and the rear of the blower. You will not regret your purchase when you join the force with us and feel the vigor!

    - Socket Type: Socket A, 370, 462
    - Heat Sink Dimension: 74x60x40 mm
    - Heat Sink Material: Copper base with Copper stacked fin
    - Fan Dimension: Blower 80x80x80 mm
    - Fan Speed: 1900-3500 rpm
    - Fan Airflow: 12.0-22.1 CFM
    - Fan Air Pressure 3.15-10.70 mm H2O

    Thanks Steve
  7. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Personally, i think that the Jet thing is a little OTT for any rig. Looks the part, but I've not heard much for its performance. An Aero 7+ hs/f would probably do the same. Thats what I'm running at the mo and it keeps me cool.

    Oh and after some testing, Ceramique is just as good as AS 5, and has a shorter "break in" time. Works perfectly for me with my 3000+. Its just Ceramique is easier to apply IMO, and so you get better coverage with it.

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