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'antivirus database failed to update'

Discussion in 'Software' started by mighty reds, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. mighty reds

    mighty reds Private E-2

    I'm desperate; I joined this forum because I saw the exact same posting as the problem I have: Comodo antivirus keeps prompting me to update my database and when I attempt to, I get the message, 'update failed. Please check internet connection and try again later'. However, I cant find that post now, so I can't check what the answer was.

    There's nothing wrong with my internet connection - can anyone suggest a solution? I'm getting nervous because something similar happened years ago, I was never able to update, then a virus got into my computer and I had to replace the entire hard drive.
  2. Oldphil

    Oldphil Sergeant

    Why not try deleting and reloading Comodo, being quite new it may have a minor bug or two. It should be a pretty decent product their firewall is well liked.
  3. sikvik

    sikvik Corporal Karma

    Is this the security suite - CIS ?

    What version is it 3.13 and later?


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