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Any free SAFE game download sites?

Discussion in 'Software' started by EllenOutWest, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. EllenOutWest

    EllenOutWest Private E-2

    My 76-yr-old Dad has played a tiles game (called "Shanghai", I think) on his relic of a computer, for years & years. He LOVES that game.

    Unfortunately, two months ago, Dad suffered bleeding on the brain from a massive aneurysm... endured a 7-hr surgery, a long time in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit, and several weeks recovering in the hospital's Rehab Unit. It's been a long haul for him, and the hospital got to be pretty boring.

    Whenever I visited, he was thrilled to play Mahjong Titans - which was a freebie preloaded game on my work laptop (Vista). The brain work involved for Dad, along with enjoying the game as "something I used to do, that I can still do", is really good for him.

    Now, he just got released from the hospital - and is staying at my sister's home. He's asking to play his "tile matching game" and my sister is wondering if there is a truly SAFE place on the internet, where she can download a free version of a tile matching game to her computer. I believe she's running WindowsXP.

    Of course... she's paranoid about bringing in a virus or malware or other crap onto her home computer -- and I certainly DON'T want to bring any stress into her life right now... with her having just brought Dad home from the hospital. So, I'm really looking for a truly safe download site for a "Mahjong" type of tile game.

  2. Stubby

    Stubby R.I.P. (September 3, 1949 - January 26, 2011)

    I can think of one....http://www.demonews.com/ It's run by MGs so you know it's going to be safe. I've downloaded quite a few racing games for my son there and NEVER had a problem. Granted, they aren't all 'freeware,' but you could probably find what you want there. Good luck, and glad to hear that your father is doing better and let's all hope that he continues on that road;)
  3. Stubby

    Stubby R.I.P. (September 3, 1949 - January 26, 2011)

    I should have thought of this before, but here is a list of the 'Mah-jong' games at DemonNews. Most are shareware, but there is a number of 'freebies' also. Hope this helps http://www.demonews.com/download24.html

    DON GAYNOR Corporal

    Here is a free version that I play often. I found it at nonags.com, a trusted site. You may want to poke around their 'games' section for more games for your dad. If he likes Hangman then download Hangaroo. Its an updated version with thousands of words and phrases for him to work out. I can relate because I had a stroke that left me paralysed and mute. For a singer guitarist it was devastating. I am very proud of you for taking the time to make him happy. Please pass along my highest regards.

    Iink to game download:

  5. LIDon

    LIDon Private E-2

    It was a long time ago now that you posted this Don and this may be off-topic but I knew a Don Gaynor guitarist, singer, song writer who played on Long Island in NY back in the 70's...if it is you, I want you to know that I still, some 30 years later, think on that time as the best in my life. Please let me know, the band was The Sheiks, to this day, still the best live performance group I have ever seen bar none and you were such an incredible part of that and to sheer music emotion, fun and dancing...even among those like me who were dance-challenged. All my best to you!

    Don -- LI NY
  6. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    Necrobump and a half :)

    DON GAYNOR Corporal


    Possibly my son Don Jr. He has a fabulous voice and plays a great guitar. I have never played NY at all, he may have, and 70s would be in the right time-frame. However, the lead guitarist for The Grateful Dead is also Don Gaynor, lol. I wish he had my money. Don Jr. does a phenomenal impression of CCR's John Fogarty and sings CCR parodies created by Seattle DJ, Bob Rivers called "Twisted Tunes" and he has sung on every CD Bob has produced over the years.

    I do some Bluegrass/Blues guitar on my site: www.motagator.net/dongaynor give me a listen.

    How is your dad doing? Quite well, I hope. I'm so proud of you for taking care of him, its far too rare to see these days. He may enjoy listening to OTR (Old Time Radio) if so, please let me know as I have a huge collection in mp3 format (probably 6,000 episodes) that I'd be happy to share with him. They are in the public domain so totally guilt-free.

    Best regards to both of you.:major

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