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Are dual cores getting skipped to quad? ANd a question a bout getting a pc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by volumeone0686, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. volumeone0686

    volumeone0686 Corporal

    Im wondering if dual core will have a low life exp..? i couldnt wait to buy one and it seems more ppl are wanting quad core. I honestly think games dont even need dual core till UT3 and crysis and alan wake"basically true next gen comes out" This kinda reminds me with the 512 video cards from ATI and the 7800/7900 video cards from nvidia.....

    My wife loves to play sims2,or railroads,well low end games... while my x700 or 6600 gt refused to work on my motherboard. I was forced to buy a new card. So i bought a 7900gt, nothing wrong with this game at all but it seems the 7 series arent really needed with these games. Same with dual core, games are all single core threaded. ANd what im afraid of is that what i bought is gonna be dinosaur in matter of months than 2 years.

    I know the 7900gt wasnt the brightest pick on a video card but i get 210 fps on css,120 on bf2/2142 so it does its job till more dx10 cards are coming and till the games actually feel like coming out. And what i meant about the ATI video cards was ppl are still getting 256 mb cards more than the 512, then when the new 768 cards to 1024 cards come out the 512 are skipped.

    Do you think i should sale my e6400? and just get a quad or wait till AMD comes out with their quads and its cheap like dual cores are now? The reason why im asking ur opinions on this is that i got a 20k bonus and i wanna spend like 4-5k on this pc im building. So far im having the worst luck with it, my games arent running right at all.

    Theyre time where i feel like im bout to build an old *** machine from like 04 just to bf2 clean.

    This is what i have...

    Gigabyte motherboard DS 965p series---figure points this is my problem
    Intel duo core e6400
    2gbs of corsairs xms2 4-4-4-12 epp/sli certified/ 1 gb of geil = 3 gbs
    windows vista ultimate/ but im using xp home right now till vista fixes their issues
    500 watt psu antec smart power
    18x dvd burner samsung

    This is what im thinking about getting

    Asus Strike or evga 680i motherboard (i heard these are the best for 8 series)
    I have 2 gbs of corsair now and was thinking about getting another 2=4 gbs
    intel duo quad xtreme
    blu ray burner =sony...even tho i hate the hell out of sony i love the blu ray device. This by far is the best than they ever came out with in my opinion besides the ps1/ps2.

    I cant decide on what to get 2 8800gtx or just wait for the 8900 gtx series
    Should i get a zalman 9700 led cpu cooler or just go ahead and get water cooling? Im new to water cooling "not a newb" i just dont know the best brands on them.

    If im gonna sli i think i should get a 1000 watt/or a a 1100 watt psu

    Some of you are gonna go u have a good system now but i cant play any of my games right. If i try to play vegas or test drive unlimited my screen goes black. If i play bf2 i lag beyond mad and skip and my bullets dont register at all.

    If u see spots that u would buy over what i asked, please feel free to give me ur wisedom!
  2. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Nobody except that have considerable amounts of money ever stay on top of the technology race.

    You build what works for you, does the job, and fits your budget, UNDERSTANDING that it will all be outdated in <6 months, and obsolete within a year or so. You then upgrade if your budget allows it, or you stick with what ya got.

    Pretty simple concept. You don't buy an automobile expecting it to be the latest and greatest version for years to come. That doesnt mean a year old car won't do the job quite nicely.
    PCs are the same, except their product lifecycle is much shorter.

    If you always wait for the latest and greatest thing, then you never build, and we have to keep seeing these threads.


    My machine is over a year old and it flies. Its even socket 939.

    It does the job, and I see no reason in poorly investing in something that loses value quicker than a car. I'll upgrade again when it affects my stress level.
  3. volumeone0686

    volumeone0686 Corporal

    yeah i totally understand about the budget...
    im just hoping dual core will atleast stick around with games for atleast 2 years. I mean u look at a 8800gtx or even a 8800gts it has 128 pixels and 96 pixels. the best card to that is a 7950 at 24 pixels. The 8200 will only have 24,then the 8600 32 then 48 then the ultra 64.

    Just 1 series crushes all.
  4. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Sadly hardware technology is far infront of software technology, by that I mean we have the new and latest hardware tech at least 6mths > 1yr in advance of any games that can take advantage of this hardware not only quad cores but even dual cores, then by the time games and software have maxed out the hardware its near 2yrs down the line.

    As Adryn said get what you think is best for your needs, I was going to go with a Quad core on my latest build but thought of the exact reasons I said above, by the time that software has caught up and taken full advantage of it with the hardware we have NOW, quad cores will be a distant memory, the latest and greatest then will be say 10 cores+

    their is nothing apart form the odd benchmark app that will take full advantage of a Quad Core Extreme... and benchmarks are not real life usage.

    I even looked at getting Blue Ray burner and thoughtthe price was laughable for something that I really wouldnt get the max usage out of and whos blank media is priced high, I prefer to buy a standalone HD DVD player/recorder be that BR or HDDVD and stick to Dual Layer DVD9s for now.

    I have the Zalman 9700 and its really nice, but check your case specs as its huge, I only have a 10mm clearence from top of HS to case side.
  5. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Well, that is absolutely true what adrynalyne says- "You build what works for you, does the job, and fits your budget, UNDERSTANDING that it will all be outdated in <6 months, and obsolete within a year or so. You then upgrade if your budget allows it, or you stick with what ya got." With that said, the trick is to build with an eye towards "upgradability," as I will call it. That is just making sure you look for products with options for future upgrades even if you can't afford to do all now. Upgrading is a non-stop process....you know, you get a new board then add a processor then change vid cards then better RAM ect. It's always something.

    Anyway, what stands out to me is SLI. That is where the real advantage is in regards to gaming. I recently saw some benchmarking where they went through various upgrades (cpu, RAM, vid cards) and all were relatively small gains in performance. Then you look at SLI. Adding that second beast of a video card was through...the....roof. That is where the gaming edge is. Here is a good reference www.slizone.com. If I had your budget, SLI is a must. Get yourself one of those SLI ready PSU's (get a solid PSU). Your biggest question seems to be regarding the processor. Should you wait for the quads or drop some serious cash on a high-end core 2? I would say it depends. E6400 is a great value, but do you overclock? If you wanted to go there then why not go E6300 and clock the hell out of it. You can afford the good RAM and board to do it. Those are truly the best value as OCers really can clock that thing. Otherwise, why wait? E6400 is solid and priced well. For around $300 you can go E6600. 2.4ghz....that thing flies. On your budget, E6600 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo would be it. Great value, awesome performance. You know the rest of the drill- good RAM, RAID 0 SATA 3.0 Gb/s, ect., ect.
  6. volumeone0686

    volumeone0686 Corporal

    yup i do understand what youre saying! thats why i havent bought a 8800 yet. Its the greatest technology but i see it costing full price cough 600... still going down/making cheaper cards for 300 now. But the fools that bought it for 600 or 700 at first and no games to play on dx10 was just a waste. My friend had 2600 to make a pc and it was a one time thing so i understood him doing it since he had the money.

    I at first i thought the 8800 were gonna be so outdated but nvidia are coming out with way cheaper cards. Like the 8200,and 8600 and they suck to the 8800. I would just get the gtx and say i did it.LoL then again i know i want this card and i have a 7900 that hits bf2 over 100 fps on a 1600x1200 res. No dx10 games yet, no newer cards, but i do see the cards dropping really fast.

    And i like how u said the quad are alot of money and if u dont need it now and when u do need it they ll be something newer by the time u want it. This is how i play my pc world is it sad?

    This is what i usually do, i go to CTU so im not a newb :p... first i look at what the cards,cessors,etc can do.... When i bought my 7800 gt it was horrible man, it was a bfg 7800 gt at 20 pixels and only 425 core. 3 months later my wifes pc died, and my monitors "LCD" high end.. so my x700 or 6600 wouldnt display right. So i was looking at the cards and not being cheap but i found a xfx 7900 gt... And it was the fastest 7900 card but the strange thing was that it was the cheapiest one.

    Its funny how ppl are so dumb and yes im gonna say dumb on how they buy from what a product has for a name. They were cards card the ultimate gaming card! or the elite, etc. I saw the gamer one for like 250 with a 450 core and 1200 memory effective. Mine was 179 with 24 pixels,600 core,1600 memory effective. When i had my 7800gt i couldnt get past a simple 80 fps in css,where i get in the high 100s and low 200 fps.

    Like xfx just released a new series of 8800 for 300 bucks and the card is but its at like 500 core, where for 30 bucks more for the xxx it has a 580 core and 200 more on the memory. And i was looking and the 320 xxx card 8800" out performs the GTS 640 mb 8800.

    With the new intel duos! I can overclock madly to like 2.88 or 3.0 ghz. Honestly not sure how fast that is yet, but when its at 2.14 its like 3.2 ghz together. I found this out on www.canyourunit.com, im hoping my cessor is good but ppl say get the 6600 and i can easily overclock to it. I have corsair xms2 EPP and SLI certified.The reason why i cant overclock like alot of ppl is that my motherboard honestly I think sucks.

    Do you guys ever feel when u shop at bestbuy or compusa youre paying way more than its worth and its not even that great?I bought this 965p-ds i cant remember the huge name but it was the new gigabyte for like 200 at compusa. It was the worst set up ive ever ever i mean ever met on a motherboard. I really think this POS is the reason y i cant play my games right and i think this thing over heats alot!

    Sorry i was talking a mile a minute im just bored and its early cant fall back to sleep! well everyone have a nice day
  7. frankzro

    frankzro Corporal

    You know what you can do? Save a bit of cash man :p I know you got 20k but save still never know when more will come in handy, just saying. Dude just build like an AMD system and save your money just throw an 8800GTX in there or something or wait for the ATi's honestly wait for ATi so you have more selections cause ATi works and has been proven on Vista as well :) Man if you buy a AMDx2 5200+ thats only 234dolla for the chip and stuff and you can always water cool too man you dont really need quad core :p Everyone in computers try to jump on the band wagon lol theres no way in hell you can keep up so just gotta look the other way and say"This is "MY" computer and im Happy with what I have" Theres always people that will try to plant other things in your mind .. this is just my opinion But I think you should be fine Meh its just a computer :)
  8. volumeone0686

    volumeone0686 Corporal

    good news!!! i know someo of u posted on my other thread my bf2 problem is done... now i gotta see if vegas will run, i thought 2.13 intel duo was enough but its only a single thread game so i overclocked to 2.4 and the problem is gone.

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