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Assign drive letter.

Discussion in 'Software' started by eXtenzz, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. eXtenzz

    eXtenzz Private E-2

    Original configuration: HDD1: IDE 80 Gb: two partitions: [C:\Win XP] (OS), [E:\ Program files];
    HDD2: IDE 200 Gb: two partitions: [D:\BackUp]; [F:\Data].
    DVD Writer: [G:\]
    HDD1 was replaced with a SATA drive, using Seagates DiscWizard. It includes a seamless transfer of the OS (to first partition on the SATA), and program files (to third partition on the SATA).
    After removal of the original, smaller IDE HDD (who goes to my daughters PC), the PC boots from drive C, thus the SATA does boot properly.
    The old HDD2 remains drives D and F.
    The DVD writer remains drive G.
    The other two partitions of the SATA is however drives [I:\Backup] and [J:\Program Files]

    How can I change the current drive letters (for example: [drive J] must become [drive E]. Using Windows XP Pro. I hope I included all details needed. Thanks in advance, more power to the geeks!
  2. eXtenzz

    eXtenzz Private E-2

    I figured it out myself...
    In XP: Computer Management/Disk Management, right click on drive letter to be changed....

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