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Audio coming out of headphones and speakers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thi3f, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. thi3f

    thi3f Private E-2

    I recently purchased an Everex notebook and am having a problem with the audio. When I plug headphones in the audio continues coming out of the speakers, and the headphones. I have the latest Realtek drivers and have played around with the Realtek HD Audio Manager but haven't found anything.

    Any thoughts?
  2. junkfunkydude

    junkfunkydude Private E-2

    I don't know about your sound card, but with my X-FI, there is an option for automatic headphone detection, and an option of weather or not to mute the speakers. You might want to make sure you didn't overlook something like that.

    Also, if your laptop manufacturer was dumb enough to mix AC97 equipment with a sound card made to the Intel HD audio standard, it could have that effect. If this is the case (which isn't very likely) your pretty much SOL. :D
  3. thi3f

    thi3f Private E-2

    Heh, just called Everex and I suppose I got my answer.. but, it's hardly an answer. First, since I downgraded operating systems my warranty is voided but that doesn't really matter because I didn't want to send the laptop back. I guess though that with XP this notebook has the problem I explained in my post. Happens to anyone.

    I'm just wondering if I can find a fix. The tech guy on the phone didn't know one.
  4. MickeyRoush

    MickeyRoush Specialist

    This brings up a good question. Did the problem arise right after you downgraded your OS? Which OS do you currently have and which one did you have? In other words from the link you provided, I'm assuming you went from Vista to XP? :confused
  5. thi3f

    thi3f Private E-2

    Yep, I went from Vista to XP. Immediately actually.. I never even got to see Vista load on this laptop.

    I'm gonna put on a Vista Performance edition but I really don't want to. I'd love to find a solution, even if it meant disabling my laptop's speakers and only using headphones. ;[

    EDIT:: Just realized that I didn't clearly state when talking to the guy on the phone, he actually said that this symptom does happen with XP and there isn't a known fix.
  6. MickeyRoush

    MickeyRoush Specialist

    Well, that seems like it would be a driver issue with Everex. You may want to double check with them and see if they have an audio drivers that you could download (and test). :confused

    Also, have you tried experimenting with the settings in Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel? :confused
  7. thi3f

    thi3f Private E-2

    I'm sure it's their fault to some extent.. I'm sure a driver could be made to work fine. But, they don't handle XP related material evidently. XP voids the warrent so.. yeah.

    I've tested everything I can when it comes to the audio/device properties on here.
  8. thi3f

    thi3f Private E-2

    So, I'm curious. Do USB headphones, like Plantronics, override on-board sound cards and .. hell, don't even know how to explain my question.

    Basically, could this be a possible solution?

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