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Audio Drivers for xp for Compaq 3780 notebook

Discussion in 'Software' started by vaibhavabhor, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. vaibhavabhor

    vaibhavabhor Private E-2

    Hi.. I brought the Compaq3780 model laptop with inbuilt Windows wista (Home) few days before..
    and recently installed XP operating system by uninstalling the windows wista.. but i have problem in audio drivers since not getting it..
    Please... Deliver them at vaibhavabhor@gmail.com.
  2. cake

    cake Corporal

    there are several other posts about problems with audio regarding Vista/XP & good information on how to resolve them...although, seems i read, somewhere, about issues with trying to uninstall Vista to install XP without doing a format then a clean install of XP.

    a suggestion for you would be to contact the place where you purchased your laptop. i recently did a clean reinstall of my XP (no Vista) & got most of the drivers i needed from my vendor (Dell, in my case)...downloaded them before i did anything.

    after i was back up and running, i was able to get any other drivers i needed online. somewhere in this forum is really great information about an easy way to do that.

    personally, i wouldn't be comfortable sending you something in an email. i don't know you & wouldn't be comfortable with you having my email address.

    you may want to try a little look around the forum for the information that will best help you and i'm sure someone else will resond to your post and point you in the right direction if you can't find it.


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