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Avatars, Profile Pics, etc.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by AbbySue, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    A gentle reminder to all members that we have specific guidelines in place for all profile options. Most, if not all of this should be common sense to 'regulars' but it seems that is not always the case.:( (you know who you are! :wave;)) Please always keep in mind that we strive to keep this site 'family friendly'. We have many younger members and parents that are often browsing MG while their child(ren) can easily see what is on screen. Many come here because they know it is a "safe" site. While the mods and admins work hard to maintain the standards set down by T/Jim, the cooperation of members is also essential and very much appreciated!:):major

    Avatars: Other than the forum default images you can choose from you can also choose to upload an image that is 64 x 64 px and no larger than 8kb. These images cannot be pornographic or vulgar. In other words, a picture of a man or womens crotch, a womans completely bare breasts, a naked backside, the "F" word (and similar) are NOT acceptable.

    Profile Pictures: This feature is so that you can put up a picture of yourself. The option is not to be used for random pictures or animations of cartoon characters performing oral sex.rolleyes The profile picture option was enabled to replace a 'year book' of MG members we had at one time so that members could easily change their picture when they wanted to rather than relying on one person to do it for everyone. Please help us to keep the profile pictures in keeping with MG standards.

    Many of you have had your pictures removed and a 'place holder' put in it's place. The place holder explains that the profile picture option is for a picture of you. Many of you have also made the choice to ignore the place holder message and put up the same or a different random image. :banghead

    If anyone needs assistance sizing an image for an avatar or profile pic just holler! There are many here who would be willing to help you out.

    Albums: This feature allows you to share pictures you have taken and/or the images you use(d) to customize your profile. I have had to delete multiple albums that contained inappropriate images. As with all other areas of the forum, pictures depicting nudity (actual photos, anime, etc.) are not acceptable. Additionally, images that you create and upload in order to advertise your business are not acceptable either. Common sense should tell you that if we removed your 'spam' sig, deleted your album, etc. that your efforts to find other ways to implement unacceptable images/advertising will result in your removal from MG's.

    Member Created Groups: The same forum rules/guidelines apply to these groups! Creating a group to advertise, share inappropriate images/URL's, etc...etc...etc...will be deleted, no questions asked. If they are recreated in any way, you will (depending on the content) be given an infraction, temporary ban or permanent ban.

    MajorGeeks Art Work: MG's artwork is © therefore at no time is it to be used unless granted written permission from T/Jim. MG artwork is not to be used as an avatar, profile pic or for customizing your profile page. Manipulating an image (cropping, etc.) for use as an avatar/profile pic or other personalization is also not permitted.

    Sigs: This is NOT the place to advertise your business, put a pay-per-click link or any other spam type link. You can of course put a link to your personal blog or website providing as it is not in any way shape or form a business or a back door to miscellaneous pyramid scams, porn, and/or anything that would be considered spam.

    Homepage: Links to porn, software cracks and/or anything else deemed questionable and/or illegal will be removed, no questions asked but you will likely receive a message from an MG team member about it.

    Sig-Homepage combo: MG's is not a free place for you to generate traffic to your business by piggy-backing on T/Jim's hard work in building this web site. If you wish to advertise your business, by all means contact T/Jim to see if your business is something they would consider advertising on MG. And of course, to see what the cost will be for such advertisements.:) To be blunt, those of you that have had your business URL removed from your sig and then turn around and put in a line or two of verbiage to entice a user to click on your profile so they can get the link to your business that way...well, it's not funny and will only result in getting you banned. Capiche?

    Misc. Profile options: Biography, hobbies, etc. Be serious with your entries or put in something silly!:) However, I need to once again mention...no vulgarity or advertisements! Common sense is your friend....comments such as "free bj's for ______, etc. are not acceptable.

    As a final note, I do keep track of which members have for whatever reason had their profile edited. If you continue to change it back and/or put up unacceptable images you will be moved to a restricted user group. In this user group you will be unable to make changes to your profile, along with various other forum restrictions.

    We're for the most part all adults here, right? So let's all play nice and keep MG's not only family friendly but the place on the web we all keep coming back to not only for all the geeky goodness but the high standards we've all come to expect and appreciate.:dancer

    The MG "Mod Squad" thanks you all for helping us keep MG's family friendly and spam free! [​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010
  2. N5638J

    N5638J Guest

    Atless i know it was not me that brought this on ;) (this time) lol
  3. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    Ummm N5638J, hate to be the one to tell you but that car does look a little too racey, can you put a cover on it?

    All kidding aside, think the Admins do a great job at keeping this site wholesome and a nice place to visit.
  4. musksnipe

    musksnipe Guest

    Thanks for the heads up Abby Sue.
    That explains the changes I've noticed. Seems like a good thing always gets ruined by a few.

    That was NOT a random pic in my profile pic spot. (I WAS a VW dune buggy in another life.):-D
  5. N5638J

    N5638J Guest


    I bet i know why the user comments in the profiles were removed.rolleyes They were fun and wish they were still there.:(
  6. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    I did not really know they were there or gone, don't really go to that section much...
  7. Natakel

    Natakel Guest

    Right on! This is one of the best (if not the best) moderated sites I have seen in my 11 years of wondering the WWW. I appreciate all the hard work the mods do to keep it that way.

    Well done, MG :clap
  8. BoredOutOfMyMind

    BoredOutOfMyMind Picabo, ICU

    Well said Natakel.

    Hello to AbbySue;)
  9. wildwolf220

    wildwolf220 Oracle of Doom

    Why is it that when a few people abuse something we all end up paying for it.?:mad
    The visitor messages were a great idea and now their gone.:(
    Surely it's possible to only punish the abusers and not the rest of use who use it responsibly.
  10. LauraR

    LauraR MajorGeeks Super-Duper Administrator Staff Member

    Lev mentioned in a different thread (the logging onto MG one) that they were removed because of a technical effect they were having. So, it may be that they were part of the cause of the site problems??
  11. wildwolf220

    wildwolf220 Oracle of Doom

    Thanks Laura i didn't see that thread. i thought the visitor messages had been removed because of people abusing them:eek:

    Disregard my previous rantLOL
  12. Yargwel

    Yargwel MajorGeek

    I'll second that. :)
  13. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    Good to see someone reads the posts in here ;)
  14. wildwolf220

    wildwolf220 Oracle of Doom

    Im reading Lev Im reading:-D
  15. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Thank you to those of you who have shown continual support in our effort to keep MG's family friendly. It is not only very much appreciated, but makes our jobs that much easier.:):cool

    @ BooM & Yargwel...Hi backatchya!:wave

    Most of you long time members know that I'm pretty easy to get along with and don't crack the whip so to speak unless it's really necessary....However....

    Because of a few hard-headed people who chose to disregard my initial post in this thread...I won't post your names at this time...BUT!...this is absolutely your final warning. No more simple reminders or pleas for cooperation...I'm not playing these childish games. If I have to edit your profile(s) one more time you will be moved to a user group where you will lose the majority of the privileges you now have on the forum.

    And that, is my final word on this.
  16. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    Um... I did put my real picture in the profile pic box... but it was removed... I don't know why, unless it was a mistake?? I put it back on, so... If I look that hideous, please let me know and I'll remove it...

    Charlene :)
  17. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Your real pic was not removed by an admin...I thought it a cute 'eye' shot but it had been changed and something else put up so...I did remove the sign that was in place of it that said something to the effect of 'beware or danger...kittenbits..something or other. I'm sure the image is still in my temp files if you'd like me to PM it to you in order to refresh your memory?

    It is quite possible you switched it thinking you were putting it in your folder or something...it does happen.:)
  18. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    I think your new picture is very nice KittenBits, like your kitty avatar also :)
  19. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    Thanks for your quick reply... I prolly did make the error and thought I put back the profile pic and put in the KittenBits inside pic after the real pic was removed,,,, Sorry for the confusion.... ;)

  20. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    Thanks Darlene... you're very kind.. :)

  21. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    No sweat...stoof happens!:)
  22. Speculant

    Speculant The Confused One

    sounds like a team of superheroes.

  23. dnnyo

    dnnyo Private First Class

    I just want an animated pic for my avatar... what am I doing wrong, it says I'm not allowed? :confused

    Attached Files:

  24. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    I have that, couldn't get it to work other then on my pc
  25. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    Try reducing it to 64x64 as that's the max size IIRC.
  26. dnnyo

    dnnyo Private First Class

    thanks, I bet that is exactly the problem... except I dunno how to resize a gif :confused
    i have and use as default= irfanview which I love, but it freezes gif pics ...
    also I try nero photoshop....
    windows pic and fax viewer...
    and I want to learn about Gimp...
    but I dunno how to use Gimp or another program something called 'Unfreeze'...yet...
    I resize jpg pics often, but not gifs,
    I can even make a gif from a series of jpg pics using 'Microsoft Picture It Publishing'.
    I don't know how to take a gif picture apart and see individual frames it must be composed of.
    .next step...
    To the photography thread? ;)
    @ darlene: you can't be a bug crawling around on the screen rolleyes
    you're a flower LOL not a bug!
  27. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    :-D I tried to send it email to one of my daughters
  28. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    As augie said, it's more than likely the size of the image. If you email it to me I'll be happy to resize it for you. abbysue at major geeks dot com.:)
  29. dnnyo

    dnnyo Private First Class

    why do you wanna send your daughter a nasty bug?
    Personally... i feed the bugs to my Venus Fly Trap
    I totally understand that some people ....
    they maybe scared they get ...
    well it's not a virus...
    It's just a cockroach crawling around inside your COMPUTER!
  30. Zack Magee

    Zack Magee Post-and-Run Geek

    Use Kodo's image resizing app, OneSize in Majorgeeks.Com, and click Graphics
  31. sikvik

    sikvik Corporal Karma

    Don't Know about that ...Just check out what happened to Kodo's profile Pic ;)
  32. Zack Magee

    Zack Magee Post-and-Run Geek

    that's pretty funny
  33. starsunflowerstudio

    starsunflowerstudio Private E-2

    I am new, just set up an account last night and don't remember if I added sig or not. I think I did, and put two links in there to both of my websites. If I am a culprit of not following the rules, I apologize!


  34. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Su and Welcome

    No signature showing at present I'm afraid, but live URLs in signatures are not enabled on majorgeeks, too many spammers try to add their links this way so we disabled it as well as pictures in signatures ( unless admin, need a perk!).

    Likely no admin has deleted it as we would tend to leave a message in your signature line if it broke any rules, so you're ok on that score.
  35. 401402

    401402 Private E-2

    can somone help me put a picture of my girl om my ipod touch......the slider is covering her face

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 6, 2009
  36. توتو العرب

    توتو العرب Private E-2

    Thanks Darlene... you're very kind..
  37. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator


    Just another reiminder...

    I have been removing tons of images again, some EXTREMELY pornographic. *gag*

    Please make note of area I have in green italic above b/c I don't always have time to PM all members, hence the following --> If you see the below attached image where your profile picture is supposed to be, your image has been removed by an admin. The place holder is self explanatory. You are free to remove the place holder but this does not mean replacing it with the same or other random images.

    Your cooperation is/would be greatly appreciated!:) Thanks.:major

    Attached Files:

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2010
  38. TeeCee

    TeeCee MajorGeek

    Greetings, maybe someone can answer a burning question I have.. rolleyes

    I have uploaded a picture of my bird for my profile picture.... It is in JPEG format, and 57.1 KB in size... when I upload it, I get a message that the 'upload failed', but the picture is there for a while, then gone when I come back....

    It isn't a bad picture, just a pic of my bird... Is there a restriction on using a pet as a "profile picture"? Or, is this space specifically for our own picture (Gee, I wouldn't want to break the camera!:-D)

    When I come back here, I do see "the below attached image", and that is why I am posting... Maybe someone can clarify this for me?

    Otherwise, I agree totally with AbbySue. :wave
  39. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Profile pic is a pic of YOU!!! Not a bird, or a plane or anything else.
  40. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    I believe it's reserved for your picture TeeCee, although you can use it for your avatar.
    Hey, if I didn't break the camera your safe. ;)

    PS, Tim is special LOL
  41. TeeCee

    TeeCee MajorGeek

    Thanks TimW and Darlene. I just had to ask, didn't I? Now I know... ;)

    Now, my avatar is gone.... Any idea on that?
  42. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Adjusted your settings so you should be all set now!:cool
  43. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    Perhaps it wasn't our/my place to answer, should have waited for the right person to come. Sorry TeeCee
  44. pwillener

    pwillener MajorGeek

    I know this is a rather old topic, but I have just read it for the first time. One thing jumped into my eye (ouch!), and I think it should be corrected for clarity. (I assume that new users occasionally still read the topic.)
    I am sure that it should probably be 64 x 64 px.
  45. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Edited cheers.
  46. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Thanks guys! :)

    Initial post has been updated/added to re: Albums & Member Created Groups b/c some people are just *insert unfavorable descriptive words here* and that's all I'm saying!;)
  47. Kodo


    And all I'm sayin is that if I could change titles again, you'd have a new one :)
  48. Wenchie

    Wenchie I R teh brat

    I'm so glad noone ever gave me that power... I'm not nice :p
  49. Kodo


    Shut it or I'll .. damn, I'll do something .. to wrong you.. just give me a few weeks to figure out what that might be.
  50. Zack Magee

    Zack Magee Post-and-Run Geek

    We are talking about wenchie. Good luck coming up with something :p

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