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AVG services still running after uninstall

Discussion in 'Software' started by setspeed, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. setspeed

    setspeed Private E-2

    I recently uninstalled AVG 8 Free Edition, due to it failing to automatically update properly and me having to run the update manually all the time. Uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs, fine.
    I have now looked at my running services only to find AVG8 Watchdog and AVG8 Email Scanner still there.
    I want rid of AVG, and my friend recently did the same uninstall, followed by a search of his hard-drive for any files with AVG in the title, which he then promptly deleted. He ended up with no internet access after that and only managed to recover it using system restore. I assume him deleting AVG files and the lost internet access are linked, however he's no expert - so there's no telling if he changed/deleted something else he shouldn't have.
    Any advice about how I can get rid of AVG safely, once & for all?
  2. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

    Well, if ZoneAlarm's firewall was involved there this is where the blame belongs. All ZoneAlarm users needs to update their firewall immediately at the company's homepage.

    But about your own situation you probably need to reinstall AVG 8. Then make sure that it is disabled - all it's functions must be shut down - mail scanner, watch dog, shield, antivirus functions, antispyware functions or what ever they call it. Look in Tray and right click the icon(s). On the menu - select Suspend, Exit, Disable or whatever it's named there. Check also Task Manager to see that it's not tricking you. Ctrl+Alt+Delete should open that one so that you can go over the relevant tabs. You can shut things down from there by clicking on the processes so that they get blue. Then right click to get a small popup menu that allows you to terminate.

    Then uninstall again. Have all other security software disabled all the time. Firewall and all the rest. In the end you will win this war against AVG. No worries mate. :-D
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2008
  3. setspeed

    setspeed Private E-2

    Cordialis, I had recently disabled Zonealarm (using Winpatrol to stop it from starting at boot) to fix the internet access problem widely reported, and went back to Windows Firewall. This was fine, and I believed the problem was gone.
    I have now reinstalled then uninstalled AVG8 (using the installers repair option, and unchecked all the "components to be installed" boxes.
    Numerous error messages (uninstall failed etc) later from AVG and it eventually was off my system, and the services gone to.
    Great i thought - until i tried to log onto the internet - would not connect!
    So i then completely uninstalled Zonealarm which fixed the problem (which i thought had been fixed by disabling it).

    So i do now have a working system, running Antivir for now - AVG have really dropped the ball this time, and so have Zonealarm. I know Zonealarm has released an updated program but ive lost confidence in them.

    Recommendations for a free firewall with good, simple outbound program control please?

    Many thanks Cordialis for your help so far!

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