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Backup Your Computer with the Free Acronis True Image Seagate Edition

Discussion in 'Latest Videos From MajorGeeks YouTube Channel' started by Major Attitude, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Following up on our story about the free Acronis True Image for Western Digital drives comes another email about the same thing for Seagate drives. Our reader’s rock!

    Now you have NO excuse not to have a nice clean image to restore your computer in case of the need to reinstall Windows.

    If you have visited Majorgeeks more than a few times then you know we are always screaming at people to back up. Beyond the basics of making sure that you back up all your important data I also swear by cloning your hard drive. I like to get a clean install, customize Windows just the way I want it and finally clone the drive. By doing this, I can easily go back to the image and start over rather than re-install Windows. This saves you hours of time and frustration. It is essentially a custom restore method. Many of us find that Windows can slow down over time so why not do a simple 10 minute restore every so often? Typically if I do a restore I will update all my drivers, Windows Updates and other software and make a new image to save time next time I reinstall Windows. Pretty awesome.

    Grab this free version at http://www.majorgeeks.com/Acronis_True_Image_Seagate_Edition_Software_DiscWizard_d7715.html

    The full blown retail version of Acronis offers a lot more features including a 30-day trial, incremental backup of specific files and folders as well as a more up to date Drive Snapshot technology and Windows System Restore Management but if you simply want to clone your hard drive, you can’t beat the ease of use and price tag!

    The retail version of Acronis True Image costs $49.99 and we even get a little commission if you decide to buy it later so bookmark the Majorgeek promo page. I can buy a double cheeseburger instead of the 99 cent value menu burger and you get good kharma. Everybody wins!

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