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Battlefield 2 Booster Pack

Discussion in 'Software' started by eyeblazin, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. eyeblazin

    eyeblazin Private First Class

    I have BF2 and BF2 Special Forces on comp. I installed BF2 Booster Pack and the install went OK and got game to start. In singleplayer the new maps from booster pack are listed. However when I try to load any of them I get a window that says I must purchase the booster pack to access this map ( my thought is what did i just spend $25 on if I didn't just purchase the booster pack). One interesting note is that when I installed I was never ask to put in keycode or to register the booster pack. I purchased this from Newegg. Short of uninstalling complete game and reinstalling, any gamers have any suggestions or similar experiences?
  2. Burning_Monkey

    Burning_Monkey MajorGeek

    it has to do with the EA downloader and how it runs.

    if I remember right you have to log into the downloader and have an account that matches your BF2 account name or the account nickname must match your BF2 account name.
  3. eyeblazin

    eyeblazin Private First Class

    I have had BF2 and Special Forces for a while and they worked so I already have the Login accounts. I can play all the maps but the new ones from the booster pack. Was going to try to contact EA but when I go to their site I get "Netscape has encountered a problem and will close" I'm going to switch to Firefox 2.0 browser and try as I have been using Netscape 7.2 because I didn't like the newer versions, but have been using Firefox at work and it seems more like Netscape than most others.

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