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Battlefield 2142

Discussion in 'Software' started by insamaic, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. insamaic

    insamaic Guest


    I downloaded the game awhile ago (not sure exactly how long, but a few weeks), and got the serial key by using my Founders' Club Subscription.

    Now, when I have reformatted, and I try to activate my serial key, to play the game, it says:

    The activation process has been terminated. Please verify that the Registration Code has been entered correctly. Click BACK to attempt another activation or click CANCEL to abort.

    Internal error message: server error - license expired".

    How come this is happening, is there any way to get a new key, or activate it elsewhere somehow?
  2. insamaic

    insamaic Guest

  3. duzytata

    duzytata Guest

  4. insamaic

    insamaic Guest

    Geez, that sucks... Thanks mate.
  5. Siberiaice

    Siberiaice Private E-2

    I downloaded it as well. Where did u get ur serial key? I need to get one. Can't i just play it offline?

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