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Belkin 5FD7050 Network Connection Issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Rob11, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Rob11

    Rob11 Private E-2

    Recently the kids' PC (XP SP2) has experienced problems where the network connection is intermittent. In doing some tests, I discovered that as long as I log on first (I'm the sys admin), then all other user accounts (limited accounts) in the session can connect to the Internet.

    However, once I reboot and first log into any user's account other than mine, the network connection NEVER gets resolved.

    I've got a Belkin 5FD7050 USB Adapter v4000, so I've been on the phone with Belkin looking to see if they've got an upgraded driver, since everytime I change any other user account into Admin, I can connect to the network from that account off a fresh reboot. Belkin began by telling me that the wireless signal from the router must be weak, or that a cordless phone was interfering. When I informed them that I was able to use my laptop and acquire a wireless connection with significant signal strength when sitting next to the desktop in question and that none of my cordless phones were 2.4GHZ, they then tried to explain to me that it was Microsoft's problem, and that I should contact them.

    Anyone have the same problem?

    I temporarily resolved the connection issues by giving every user Admin privileges. The problem is that I'm trying to restrict administrative rights to prevent malware downloading on the PC.

    Is this an XP problem (my opinion is that anyone manufacturing a wireless network adapter is responsible for building a driver compatible with XP)? Not that I like MS, but it should be a fundamental commitment for a 3rd-party company to build a compatible device and driver when selling something intended to operated in a particular OS environment.

    Thoughts, experiences with Belkin or another wireless device with similar issues?

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