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BenQ 5000BL

Discussion in 'Software' started by Amjad, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Amjad

    Amjad Corporal

    I have the following scanner: BenQ 5000BL
    I lost the CD that came with it.

    Anyway, now I can't install it even on Windows XP Professional SP2
    It is recognized as "FlatbedScanner_52"

    I have another scanner Asus S2W 3300U that is recognized as "FlatbedScanner_23", and it works just fine. You only plug it into the computer and it works like a charm. No driver is required.

    Anyway, I've been searching for a week now, I only get the MiraScan application, even on the BenQ website.
    Is the driver included with MiraScan?

    It didn't work.

    Note: Some websites give you a zipped file saying it's the WHQL driver for the scanner, you unzip it to find the MiraScan waiting for you.

    Please help! :cry

    DECAGON Private E-2

  3. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Before you download the file linked to above, you'll see that it too is the MiraScan file, but you can try it. Just be sure your malware protection is updated and running. Any site that asks for a password before allowing you to download seems a bit sketchy IMHO.
    I'll look for a driver for you. If I find anything of use, I'll post it.
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Here's some links:

    I downloaded the driver from the last link (Softpedia) and unzipped it. I think if you don't use the setup.exe and try to install the driver thru the device manager, and point the hardware wizard to the CAT folder, or set the wizard to automatically search thru all the folders, it might work. There's also a folder called EXE that has an application called "ScanDrv.exe" and maybe that will be of use.
    Good luck!

    BTW- the last link says it's for the 500BL, not the 5000BL but it's a typo. I also downloaded the same thing directly from BenQ and the folders were identical. It also says Vista in the specs, but further down it lists Win98/ME/2000/XP so it should be OK.
    Good luck!

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