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Best free pop-up blocker only

Discussion in 'Software' started by pompste, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. pompste

    pompste Private First Class

    Hi,any suggestions on the best free pop -up blocker that just blocks pop -ups? We want one with a small footprint------no extras like a search bar etc,----just simply a pop-up blocker.
    Thanks for any information
  2. DaRkKn1qHt

    DaRkKn1qHt Private First Class

    I would have to suggest the google toolbar but in this case it is a TOOLBAR. The plus side is that you can adjust the size of your toolbars. This way you can hide it on the side or in the corner. ;)
  3. suesman

    suesman First Sergeant

    For popup blocking that works with a nice tidy browser attactched, I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox.
  4. XxMorpheusxX

    XxMorpheusxX Specialist

    The best free popup stopper!

    Its called Panicwares pop-up-stopper. Its 100% free. The best one i tried.
    Here is the link Free Pop-Up-Stopper

    Have Fun! :p
  5. DaRkKn1qHt

    DaRkKn1qHt Private First Class

    If you decide to download panicware follow this link http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=457

    This will download it from the Major Geeks Servers.

    To: XxMorpheusxX
    We try and keep things inside the family here. Please check to see if you can get it here before going to somewhere else! thnx!

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