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Best Gaming Keyboard / Mouse?

Discussion in 'Software' started by TrainHeartnet, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. TrainHeartnet

    TrainHeartnet Private E-2

    hello im thinking about getting a new gaming keyboard / mouse , as ive heard they are a big difference over regular mice / keyboards, my current mouse a Logitech LX3 Optical Mouse, and my keyboard is the one that came with my HP Computer, ive been looking around and cant really decide whats better.

    Ive been looking at the logitech G series mice , and the razer mice (lachesis etc) , as well as the G15 Keyboard / Saitek Eclipse / eclipse II / Razer Keyboard (forgot name) and i am unsure which would be better, i think the razer one has a feature where it wont bug out on you when you press more than 3 buttons at once (gets annoying when playing wow and it bugs out) , but yea any tips would be appreciated, im looking to spend about 90 and below for a mouse, and up to 100$ on a keyboard (the ones ive selected all fit that i think)
  2. s0nlxaftrsh0ck

    s0nlxaftrsh0ck Private E-2

    I've been quite happy with my Razer Copperhead the first time i went into half-life 2 death match along with a Func Pad. And as soon as i got into the match i got 3 headshots kills in under 4-5 minutes. Honestly i'm calling that beginners luck :D. But honestly it's a beautiful mouse where you can adjust the weight/speed of the mouse so if you like your cursor to move in a very "small" increments" pretty ideal for sniping than you set it at a lower DPI. If you need to turn around real quick in a death match type setting set a higher DPI and you can turn around and look around amazingly fast.

    The FunCpad also has an amazing effect on a mouse such as this as it has 2 sides to it which you can flip over painlessly. One of the smooth surface and one kind of grainy surface. You choose which side is comfortable for you.

    As for a gaming keyboard...I can't really give you any info on one of those as i haven't owned one of those. But I can vouch for that mouse though ^_^.
  3. TrainHeartnet

    TrainHeartnet Private E-2

    thanks for the input, ill have to take a loot at that one
  4. DaPs

    DaPs Private E-2

    Any keyboard is good for gaming, as long as it is wired. If your looking for a wireless, make sure it's of good quality, so that it picks up your commands quickly enough.

    As for a mouse, no one would be recommending you a ball mouse. Go for an optical. This must be of good quality due to the reaction time again.

    I have the logitech gaming grade MX518 mouse. I don't even think you need to spend that much, but i went on a spending spree!

    As long as they are both of good quality you'll be fine.
  5. DOA

    DOA MG's Loki

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Your choice depends on your game and how you play. 8 hours of raiding in WOW is not at all like 15 minutes of Counterstrike and requires different equipment for top game play.
    1) G15/Nostromo will do macros - if you play a Warrior tank or Hunter on WOW you need macros. You can play pretty well without them but you lose battle awareness. You only have so much attention and splitting it between stance dancing (tank) or shot rotation (hunter) and the battle is just stupid.
    2) If you have ever missed a headshot from the mouse wire hanging up you need a gaming wireless - Logitech G7 is pretty much it
    3) Even if you don't need macros, choose your keyboard with care, key press resistance is crucial to timing.
    4) Keep cranking up your mouse speed until it is a problem for the mouse (get a better one) or for your game play. The faster you move to a target the better.
    5) You cannot lighten a mouse - get one lighter than you like and add weight if you cannot get used to it. The lighter the mouse the faster and longer you can play
  6. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    you dont want a wireless mouse, for response time issues, use a corded mouse, i am current using a g15 keyboard, and an mx518 mouse.
  7. s0nlxaftrsh0ck

    s0nlxaftrsh0ck Private E-2

    The logitech mouse has added weights or something like that doesn't it?

    Honestly though I do not like wireless devices as the battery can zonk out on you if you forget to charge it every so often. If i'm not mistaken some logitech wireless mouses come with a Li-Ion recharable battery pack AND a spare one. Which is cool. But again changing batteries in a middle of a match just feels awkward.

    Honestly, i feel much better with a wired keyboard and mouse you don't have to worry about much running out on you. Oh also optical mouses tend to get dusty so you may need to clean that out every once in awhile.

    ::thinks:: Iunno i guess you should choose which one feels right for ya that's all i can say?
  8. TrainHeartnet

    TrainHeartnet Private E-2

    thanks for all the input guys, ive decided to go with a G5 mouse and a G15 keyboard, thanks again :D

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