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Blekko, LavaSoft, AdAware and Firefox

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by Buckleyterp, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Buckleyterp

    Buckleyterp Private E-2

    Read this! This post is a general notice concerning my recent (2012) experiences with the programs or companies listed in the title.
    I am a slightly experienced computer user - nowhere near expert - so the observations that I am about to relate may be flawed.
    Blekko first took over my Firefox browser, then later appeared on Internet Explorer. Its apparent actions are to replace your start page and new tab default page with its own browser page.
    Lavasoft, publisher of AdAware and others, partnered with Blekko in March of 2012, so this is not a hack.
    While Blekko is technically not malware, it behaves exactly as malware in that it is designed to hide in multiple locations as deceptively named anonymous files and folders and even randomly named files and persists by resisting removal attempts.
    All ethical programs should be easy to remove; they can be protected from malware inactivation by using captcha technology. In my opinion, Blekko does not behave ethically, and Lavasoft therefore shares in this violation.
    If you are bothered by Blekko and have discovered this post, you are lucky because there are a score of half-a**ed websites out there that purport to tell you how to rid yourself of blekko and are not expert, or thorough.
    This forum will definitely help you rid yourself of Blekko. Just read my 'Blekko is still present' thread in this section and do EVERYTHING that you are told to do, in order. (Mega gratitude goes to Chaslang [thank you] for his compassionate work on behalf of malware sufferers everywhere!) It took me three days, one or two hours per day, to rid myself of Blekko, but I learned a lot about computer security along the way. By following the thread posts straight through, you can do it in about two or three hours on one day. I am using Windows 7. If your OS is different, you may receive different instructions from the majorgeeks experts after the initial steps. Suggestion: print out all of the posts as a guide since you will be turning off your browsers and rebooting from time to time. It also helps to have two browsers.
    I welcome the correction of any errors or misrepresentations in this post, or the addition of helpful details.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012

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