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BSOD Windows 7

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by count_zero99uk, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. count_zero99uk

    count_zero99uk Private E-2

    Hi there ive been getting a bsod recetly whilst playing eve. Not all the time just some of it.

    Ive got some minidumps but im not sure how to read them or even if i could what they would show me.

    The error message that flashes up is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    Please tell me if you can help, and if so what information you need, ill try posting the lastest minidump file.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Hi Brian looks like you have a problem with your graphics card or hardware, it'll be a tough one to fix if updating your chipset drivers from the motherboard or chipset makers and updating the graphics drivers (from AMD/ATI support or autodetect) doesn't cure it.

    There may be some drivers that are interfering though: the RIM/Blackberry drivers are very old, update them from RIM or uninstall them during testing.

    The same for Hamachi/Logmein, update it or uninstall during testing.

    On a slightly different note, Avast! could be part of the problem, use the uninstaller here and install MSE during testing.

    Once that's done, upload any further dumps please, hopefully something will stand out once there are a few to compare.
  3. count_zero99uk

    count_zero99uk Private E-2

    Well ive updated my graphics card drivers now.

    I thought it might be that as it only ever bluescreens during eve. And even then only with the latest update they have released.

    As for the black berry and other drivers ill get on that.

    Thanks for the responce heres hoping the new card drivers will fix it.

  4. count_zero99uk

    count_zero99uk Private E-2

    Well i updated the graphics drivers as they seemed to have been quite out of date, all was well till this morning and BSOD :(

    Heres the dump again

    Ill get onto to removing Avast, ill put AVG back on.

    Also ill go on gigabyte and get new mobo drivers etc.

    As for the other stuff ill uninstall and see how that goes.

    Though if there are any glaring things from that dump let me know.

    Ill post if i get another BSOD after working on this lot.

    Thanks again

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  5. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

    Hi my friend , it's a good point uninstalling all graphic's card leftovers using this tool


    you must run it in safe mode , restart your machine even you must run it again in normal mode , after that reinstall your graphics driver !! :wave

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