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Building a new computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by X-Death, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

  2. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Is the budget for new everything or can you use some of the old stuff? I always try to save by transferring as many supported components as possible (case, optical drives, floppy, ect). I think I can help you build a mean machine for that budget, but what exactly do you need? Also, is OCing an option?
  3. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Right now I'm on some piece of garbage '95 Compaq computer, the only thing I can reuse is my CD-ROM drive, OS, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, and Speakers.

    I don't know what OCing is.
  4. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Overclocking. I am going to guess no on that, but that's ok. I am going to see what I would build with that budget and get back to you. I guess you need:
    case, PSU, mobo, HDD, optical drive (unless you want to keep cd drive for now, you could save here), CPU, and RAM.
  5. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    What about the parts I already showed in those links? Those were what I was gonna use.

    Im going to go to bed, but I'll leave you with this note: I'll probably be using my older CD-ROM drive, and my first post had all the hardware I was planning on getting. Unless you can make something better, of course.

    If you can, you can IM me on MSN or AIM so we have a better communication...

    AIM: ne0xdeath
    MSN: infernalxdeath@hotmail.com

    See you again, Walter. ^^
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2007
  6. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist


    Above comes out to about $493 after rebates (1 rebate on vid card). I know I am pushing it, but if you can get a PSU similar to the one you have but with higher amps on 12V and find a cheap case ($30), you will be very close to $500 and have an SLI ready rig. You can add another vid card when you have some cash and run SLI. This rig will blow away the one you have listed above. Double check compatibility because I put this together quickly. The rig you proposed will be a bit weak in my opinion.

    I would just get a cheapo case if I were you and mod it a bit if necessary. The PSU you have is a bit weak on the 12V. I would find one at least with 25 or so. This rig could come out to a little over $500, but will be pretty damn solid and you could go SLI. It is very upgradeable, as well.
  7. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    wow for $500 u can build a much better system than that.\

    a core 2 e4300
    a gig of value RAM
    a case+psu combo (antec makes nice cases and good PSUs)
    a cheap core 2 duo motherboard
    an x1900, 7600gt, or 7900gs
    a seagate or WD hard drive, about 200 gigs

    that should come out to about $500

    here's some links and how id do it (to change walter's list a bit :))

    e4300 instead of the e6300, saves $20
    pretty much any of these cases: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...208&Submit=ENE&Manufactory=1516&SubCategory=7

    everything else looks good to me
  8. Tourangh

    Tourangh Master Sergeant

    In my opinion if your going to just use this PC for WoW you can cut down on the video card. I think you could go with a 6600gt or somthing instead to save some $$
  9. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    well im guessing he's not going to be playing WoW forever, it will give him some sort of future-proofing and costs about the same as his proposed system
  10. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    I don't know if that is $20 well spent in that savings for the CPU. Remember he is not going to OC. You are getting a lower clocked cpu with a lower FSB. Viper....I think my proposed machine might beat yours down a bit:D ! I am with you on the case/PSU combo. You can get those in like the $30 range, but the problem will be 12V amps. I think my proposal might need something a little better, but you can find it if you look.;)
  11. Core2Conroe

    Core2Conroe Private E-2


    I played WoW on my 600MHz P3... a c2D is built for gaming no matter what... cry about its 800MHz FSB and .06MHz clock loss...
  12. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    true, true yours would give quite the beating to my lil e4300...

    as far as those cases go, i chose the antec ones because they make good cases AND good PSUs so you know that its not some generic POS PSU that you're getting with the case.

    this one here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811129163
    has 29v on the 12v rails which is plenty for this setup


    case+psu: $85
    mobo: $70
    proc: $183
    ram: $75
    video card: $155

    under his budget IF he uses his old HDD along with his CD drive

    actually, ive found that the x1900XT (from a MaxPC article) is actually the best midrange card and runs around $110-130 which could save some more money for a new HDD or whatever
  13. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    I'm a little lost here... could someone sum up the results of what I should be getting? xD

    It's very nice to see some REAL help for once, compared to what I usually get.

    Also... my old HDD is only 7 GB's, so that'd be a big no on keeping my old HDD.

    Like I said, only Monitor, CD-ROM, Mouse, Keyboard, and Speakers are the only things I can reuse.
  14. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    It's not huge, I didn't say that. If you read what I said it is that I don't think $16 is a bad price to pay for that extra 266MHz (66 real) and .06 clock, do you? Do you not think that is worth $16? Ok, so no need for the exaggerations then. E4300 is an OCer. That's its purpose. E6300 is best value. This guy is not going to overclock.

    I doubt he will play WoW exclusively and forever, as Viper pointed out.
  15. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Agreed.:) I was referring to an SLI card though for the SLI rig.
  16. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Ok, offer him your opinion then. Why are you telling me this?
  17. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    i think he means it doesnt matter if he gets the one clocked a bit slower because they will both perform very well (i couldnt tell if u were being sarcastic or not walter ;))

    heh heh yea i forgot about SLI rolleyes
  18. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    ok so, as requested, the "official" and final parts list:

    proc: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819115005
    RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820145568
    case/psu: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ....com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811129163
    hdd: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16822144415
    video card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814142084
    mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813135026

    walter i talked to him on AIM and SLI is a no-go so he can same a few more bucks by going ATI

    i think that its really close to your budget and will perform VERY well. you're really gonna like it :)
  19. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    I don't want to speak for him, but he was implying that I was making a huge deal about the differences and all I was saying was not that the differences were VAST but that for $16 the upgrade is worth it.

    I think the system I offered would be pretty mean overall, but may just be a little over $500. The vid card is pretty mean (20 pipes and SLI), E6300 has a SLIGHT (not enough to cry about, though) edge, DDR2 667 standard is not too shabby, and he can go SLI. For in the neighborhood of $500, that is not too shabby.

    Viper, your specs are probably more in the exact specified neighborhood that he wanted and I would say something like you recommended next. I was just trying to let him know that he could go from trying to build a decent machine to a pretty solid one in the same price neighborhood. I agree with you though.
  20. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Our posts crossed Viper. I like your choices. ECS doesn't give a lot of options as far as OCing and stuff, but I have found that if you know you are going stock, ECS is not too bad and has good support. The only thing I see is the vid card. It only has 12 pipes. For $119 though, it is a good price.
  21. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    yea its got only 12 pipes BUT it has 36 pixel shader processors

    i guess we can always double check with the facts: http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics.html?modelx=33&model1=584&model2=548&chart=215

    dang, that system came out to $586. hmmm....ill have to check this out some more tomorrow

    dang i just checked those charts for myself and the x1900 really rips up a lot of those other cards...(yea, its the 512mb version but its the only one they have)
  22. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    No, I know what you are saying. It is still a good card at a solid value.
  23. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    ok, gotcha. until tomorrow, guten nacht :major zzz
  24. Core2Conroe

    Core2Conroe Private E-2

    I never said it wasn't the better buy for the E6300.. I just said it doesn't really make that much of a noticeably difference in WOW
  25. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Um.. Viper. Your hardware came out to 610 dollars, which is 110 dollars more then my budget. On your list you forgot to put a Power Supply and a Case too.

    Also, you didn't take into consideration the price of shipping and handling.
  26. Orbital57

    Orbital57 Private First Class


    Just thought of something that no-one has mentioned. Unless you already have a CD version of WOW you may find that the newer versions are DVD only (wiki lists it as 4 CD's or 1 DVD). If you don't already have a copy, careful which you buy.

    Would also be worth asking yourself if you are planning on playing other games in future how long before you have to buy a DVD drive.

    Good luck. My recommendation would be to look at the charts above and look for anything 6600GT or above for the graphic card. Whatever the best you can get above that once you have spec'd the rest of the machine.
  27. Wyatt_Earp

    Wyatt_Earp MajorGeek

  28. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

  29. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    you can get that x1900 for only $20 more and its better than 2 6600GTs
  30. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Viper. Can you get back on AIM, please?
  31. Tourangh

    Tourangh Master Sergeant

    Once again to save a good chunk of $$ i will recomend going with a video card like wyatt_Earp posted. I think WoW will keep you busy for a year or more. From what ive seen you will get addicted major lol. And if you are not a major gamer than dont worry about other games not working well on it. Pretty much any game today will run decently or good on a 6600. Some games such as fear may not run that well. Also by the time games get more demanding you will be able to upgrade or build again. Also 6600 in sli if they come in it would be nice too. Add the 2nd in the future if needed.
  32. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2007
  33. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Nice case, Viper. I am betting the PSU is junk though.

    On Wyatt's build, I don't think that board is compatible with that CPU unless you are certain BIOS upgrade will do it.

    X Death, I didn't look again at Viper's specs, but if it is over the $500 limit it may come closer with the rebates. Did you look at the net cost including rebates is?
  34. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    hey we actually combined the lists and came out with a nice build. he ended up picking a diff, cheaper case and he is going to use the extra $$ to buy a good PSU

    CRAP yea walter ur right, that board doesnt support c2d normally...

    BTW, that wasnt my case, i just asked u guys for him (i wasnt a fan of it lol but his new one is pretty spiffy)
  35. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    What did he finally decide to go with?
  36. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    1 gig geil ram
    120gig (i think) WD hdd
    a case w/ some red "bling bling" lol
    he WAS gonna get the gigabyte mobo but since its not core 2 compatible im not sure...i havent checked the gigabyte website though to see if they have a bios update for core 2 duo.

    he has yet to pick out a PSU but the vid card needs a MINIMUM of 450W so its kinda hard to find a decent ~500W PSU
  37. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    hey guys from what i read, that mobo wyatt recommended doesnt support core 2 duo which could be bad...seeing as he ordered it already. i havent found a BIOS update for it that allows it ro use a core 2 duo but ill keep looking
  38. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Also why the heck did you guys go with e4300. E6300 $16 more.
  39. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    he wanted to save as much moolah as he could i guess, he's the one who decided in the end. so...any ideas of what we can do as far as the mobo goes?
  40. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    If it is not compatible (and I am pretty certain it is not) the only thing I can think of is an RMA. You know how newegg is so I would assume it would be no problem. I thought we caught that mistake yesterday or so? I think I posted shortly after Wyatt did. Did he notice too late or something? Oh well, I am sure it happens a lot with newegg and they are the best when it comes to returns/exchanges.
  41. Wyatt_Earp

    Wyatt_Earp MajorGeek

    I apologize for not catching that earlier. I haven't been much help on this thread. :( If he calls Newegg, they will probably tell him to refuse shipment. That way they can refund his money and he can order it again.

    As for the e4300 vs. e6300, to me the $16 isn't really worth 1 fps in games and 900 points in 3dmark. Basically, he won't notice the difference. That's why I would go with the e4300 over the e6300 especially since he's trying to save as much money as he can.


    As for motherboards, here are a couple:

    an Asus P5VD2-X ($62):

    or an MSI 945P Neo3-F ($83):
  42. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    This is so damn stupid... I've never heard of a Mobo not being compatible with a processor cause of the time it's made.
  43. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Wyatt, we already know about the overclocking aspects of both chips very, very well. This is nothing new. This dude doesn't plan to OC either. By the way, when north bridge runs at 266MHz faster, I notice the difference. Ask any OCer besides me if they do. My guess would be yes. Yeah and $16 is worth it.
  44. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Im just gonna get that ASUS...

    I find it really stupid to pay 16 bucks to restock this, and for shipping and handling for a mistake I didn't even make. >_>

    Good thing this ASUS is a good amount cheaper then the older motherboard, since the difference would just make up for it.
  45. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Wyatt. It's too late to refuse shipment. It's already beens shipped and on the way, and in order to replace the motherboard, I have to pay a 20 dollar restocking fee + shipping fee.

    I think you're the one responsible for this mess, you should be the one to pay for the shipping and restocking. >_>
  46. MeitHed

    MeitHed Specialist

    Someone else is responsible because YOU chose to not do your OWN homework?

    nice.. let me know how that works out for ya!
  47. walter34payton2002

    walter34payton2002 Specialist

    Well now, common....He has a point. We let him down. When making suggestions to someone who admittedly knows absolutely nothing about computers, but who wants to make an effort to build his own relying on "expert" advice and to give bogus advice is a problem. Yes, everyone is responsible for what they do ultimately, but I see no help in anyone slapping together posts to increase the count (not saying that is what happened, just making a general statement). I mean he asked for specific items so the least we all need to do when we offer advice is to ensure that it is correct, or at very least, reasonable. I am not choosing a side here nor do I want to add to this soon-to-be controversial thread, but to paraphrase what one of the moderators here once said, "misinformation is a serious violation at MG." It is just an example of why. I feel for Mr. Death here because I know his intentions are good and we let him down so he is just making a statement and I can respect how he feels. I don't want to speak for Wyatt, but I think he probably made a mistake, but Mr. Death is new to MG and will probably not ask our advice ever again and will probably say the members at MG don't know what they are talking about. I will get off my soap box now before it disassembles from under me.;)
  48. MeitHed

    MeitHed Specialist

    lol.. no worries..

    Ever hear the adage "measure twice.. cut once" .. kinna applies here..
    Can only blame oneself for taking bad advice. With the not inconsiderable amount of info available .. an informed decision is rarely more than a few clicks away.

    I could give a whit about my post count. Was simply speaking my opinion.

  49. Wyatt_Earp

    Wyatt_Earp MajorGeek

    I didn't post it to highlight the overclocking ability of the cards. If you notice, they also benchmark them at stock speed. I was pointing out that the $16 is not worth the 1 fps that it gets you. At least it wouldn't be if my main goal was to save money. That would be $16 I'd rather put towards something else.

    And how do you notice that your north bridge is running faster? It only gets you 1 fps and 900 pts in 3dmark. I know I wouldn't notice it... The only thing you get is a bigger number in your bios. There is no noticeable difference between the two chips.

    btw, I like the quote in your sig, walter. :)
  50. X-Death

    X-Death Private E-2

    Oh? Misinformation is a violation of this place? I suppose if Wyatt can't be responsible, I should just report him to the moderators.
    I was TOLD to come here to ask for advice, because I was TOLD that people here know what they are talking about... I come here, and what happens...? I order the wrong parts because someone else didn't do their homework. There is hardly any explanation to justify this... afterall, these forums pay homeage to ignorant kids like me who don't know what they're doing, seeking help from people who do... and you basically try and tell me "Oh so you ordered the wrong thing, well maybe you never should have posted here in the first place and just learn everything about computers!"

    Measure twice, cut once? I measured like 10 times... Viper, three of my friends ( who knew what they were talking about), Wyatt, and I all thought that those parts would work together. But apparently we overlooked this.
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