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Building PC

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sailor, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    A friend of mine asked me to suggest her a nice system. In the beginning I thought "piece of cake" but I realized that hardware keeps changing all the time and compatibility can be a headache. As usual I turn to MG :major .
    Money is not an issue for her but I don't want people to think I am a dumb money waster. Let's say about 1500$.
    I think she usually has lots of things running on the same time and does a LOT of downloading. That's why I chose dual-core and much RAM. Should I go for Intel or AMD dual? Here are some CPUs I have in mind

    I have concluded to the VGA, Ram, Audio card but I need second (third, fourth...) opinions.
    VGA:Asus GeForce 7600GT 256 Mb.
    RAM: OCZ Performance 2 GB Kit
    Audio: Creative Soundblaster 4

    I need you to enlighten me on the mo/bo as well. Wich mo/bo can fit the above? Sockets, pins, slots... I'm gonna kill myself.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    I'd recommend an Intel Core2Duo processor. They are a completely redesigned chip, and can't be touched performance-wise lately.
    Pentium D's are just Pentium 4's put in a dual-core package. I'm seriously not impressed with them.

    As for motherboard's, I'm totally an Asus fanboy. Some boards that would work with the Core2Duo you linked to:


    But, don't let my enthusiasm for Asus cloud your judgement. There are likely better boards out there.

    As for your video card, I like my 7600GT at home quite a bit.

    OCZ is supposed to make some pretty good RAM, too. Just a little pricey for my liking. I had a 512MB stick of PC3200 which seemed to handle OC'ing pretty darn well.
  3. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    I like Asus myself and they're definately reliable boards. I'll look deeper into these mo/bos tomorrow. Will they work with any of the Intels and the parts I have decided about?
  4. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    Actually, I should have looked more closely at your RAM.


    This is the only Asus board on newegg that will support both the CPU and RAM you've selected. However, this will not support the video card you've selected.

    You may want to reconsider your RAM selection. There are higher-performing sticks (DDR2 - 240 pins - speeds of 533MHz and up) out there that will open up far more options for motherboards.


    This is a good example of a part that would allow you to use the motherboards I linked previously, as those would then support all your hardware selections.
  5. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    Suggestions about the RAM? I just can't figure out how to decide. 184 pin, 140 pin, cas latency, I'm officially confused. I rely on you guys (Mada apparently).

    I am now between two Intel CPUs.
  6. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    Well, you get different numbers of pins for different types of ram.


    SD-RAM was 140 pin. DDR ram was 184. DDR2 is 240. We simply have to match this to the motherboard. I suggest we upgrade to a 240 pin DDR set of RAM from what you had selected, as this not only improves performance over 184 pin old DDR, but opens up greater options for PCI-e video cards (such as the one you linked).

    DDR RAM is capable of dual-channel mode, which doubles the amount of data the RAM can process. See this link for more information.

    DDR2 changed the standard by increasing the number of pins. This usually runs at a higher frequency than older DDR ram, as well.

    CAS Latency is the time (in number of clock cycles) that elapses after the memory controller sends a request to read a memory location and before the data is sent to the module's output pins. See this link for more information.
  7. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

  8. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    how id go on this:

    processor: core 2 duo

    for memory: *gotta get ddr2* lower timings = faster, higher frequency = faster. get the fastest memory your mobo supports natively. If you buy above your mobo's rated speed, the memory will lower its speed to match so unless you're overclocking its useless to buy memory rated higher than u need.

    video card: you picked a good one but it may be overkill depending on what she wants to do with this computer.

    hard drive: 7200rpm is what most hard drives run at. the more cache the better it is. good hdd's have 16mb.

    sound card: again, what is she gonna be doing with the computer? you could probably get by with an audigy 2 zs, the audigy 4 is in most cases overkill.

    mobo: mada has got that part covered :p i too am an asus fan

    psu: antec makes good PSUs, 400W+ will get the job done for you. the Thermaltake TR2 is a good budget PSU @ $30-40 and 430W
  9. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    I know I know. I don't know how much gaming girls do but she insisted in having a good audio and video card. I'll show her your reply but if she wants it there's nothing I can do.

    It's easy for me to decide for the voltage but I dunno about the connections and stuff. Does the 7600GT use power straight from the PSU (meaning I need two cables in +12) or not? What kind of main connector (24 pin I suppose). How many PCI-E connectors?

    Thanks for being patient with all those questions :).
  10. volumeone0686

    volumeone0686 Corporal

    get a duo core and a 680i board
  11. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    My eVGA 7600GT card just takes power form the slot though some may need a four or 8 pin connection which all good PSU's have these days. I'll agree that a 7600GT is overkill. My Asus N6200TC worked well but used system RAM.
  12. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    Rather than an Audigy 4 if she wants great sounding music and games then go for an x-fi extreme music. i dont think they cost difference is much and the x-fi is a much better card

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