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Burning DVD, audio and movie out of sync

Discussion in 'Software' started by VampireOrchid, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. VampireOrchid

    VampireOrchid Private E-2

    So I am using DVD Flick to burn my movies. Great program. Here's the thing.

    The movie works fine on my pc. No audio or video probs. As soon as I burn it to dvd, it seems that the audio is out of sync with the video. Sometimes, it's really bad, sometimes it's off by a few seconds. Sometimes, the movie starts off fine and then by mid movie, it's horrible.

    What can I do?
  2. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

    What version of DVD Flick are you running?
  3. VampireOrchid

    VampireOrchid Private E-2

    Not sure, how would I find that out.

    All I know is that I downloaded it from here.
  4. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

    The latest is DVD Flick Came out late in February 2009: http://majorgeeks.com/DVD_Flick_d5530.html

    Update if you don't have that version. Look inside the program, the version number is usually listed under Help -> About. Also check your PC's homepage for driver updates. Update Java and Flash also.

    A search in DVD Flick's forum for "out of sync" would also be a possibility...
  5. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    There is a button in the toolbar labeled 'About".
  6. VampireOrchid

    VampireOrchid Private E-2

    So i have version

    Updating Java and flash could really solve the issue?
  7. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    DVD Flick does not require Sun Java or Macromedia Flash to function so I wouldn't count on it.
  8. VampireOrchid

    VampireOrchid Private E-2

    Yeah so I don't know what to do then...weird

    I also have Image burn. And once I finish selecting everying in DVD Flick and it encodes everything, it uses Image burn to burn to dvd, think that might be the issue?
  9. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    You can try burning using a different program. DVDFlick writes an .ISO file of the movie and a folder with the standard DVD structure in it. You could try burning the ISO and the std DVD and see if there's a difference. You can burn ISO images and std. DVD structures using either Nero (not free, but comes with most DVD burners), or AShampoo 2009 (free with registration via email) or BurnAware (also free). Another thing that may be the problem, if you use your PC a lot when converting with DVDFlick, sometimes there can be problems. Be sure to use the PC at a minimum while converting. You can also try using a different converting program. You can try FAVC or DVDStyler. Both are free, but FAVC does not actually burn the movie. You'd have to use a different burning program. DVDStyler has a burn option if you wish to use it. If you don't mind paying for software, I can highly recommend ConvertX and WinAVI.

    I hope this helps! :-D

    (I used DVDFlick exclusively for months and rarely had problems; you can also try re-encoding your source files by running 'em through something like VirtualDub; if the source video's audio track is VBR (Variable Bit Rate) that might be the issue)

    EDIT: I meant to ask: do you get the audio sync with everything you run through DVDFlick? or just with some files?

    EDIT#2: I just remembered that ConvertX was previously available as a freeware program called 'DivXtoDVD'. It is no longer available from the publisher and is no longer being actively developed or supported, but you can download it from this direct link. I don't remember if it actually burns the movie, but if not, you can burn using one of the apps I mentioned earlier.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2009
  10. VampireOrchid

    VampireOrchid Private E-2

    Ok, so DVD flick works good for my animee stuff, have no probs there.

    But "EVERYTHING" else, yeah, totally out of sync with the sound.

    So should I use a different burning program for my 'movie' movies or should I try the re-encoding thing first?
  11. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Personally, I would try using one of the free apps I mentioned above to convert the files to DVD instead of DVDFlick. You can also try burning the DVDFlick conversions with a different program, or try a slower burn speed. Go to Program Files\DVDFlick\ImgBurn. Launch ImgBurn and go to the burn speed settings and set it to 4x. Close ImgBurn and the next time you run DVDFlick, it will burn at 4x. It might not be a bad idea to buy a 5-pack of DVDRW discs until you get this problem sorted out. That way you don't burn through a bunch of blanks that don't work on your home DVD player. I recently got a 25-pack of DVDRW blanks for only $7.99 at Office Depot (store brand, on sale, of course). They're great for experimenting. If it doesn't work out, erase it and try again!

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