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C++ Compilers

Discussion in 'Software' started by giniBadshaah, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. giniBadshaah

    giniBadshaah Private E-2

    I have been searching around for C++ Compilers
    and i came accross compilers basically of 2000 etc
    now if i need new compilers
    where would i get them

    and what is the difference between an ide and compilers
    i know its a foolish question but i can't figure it out
    so help me out
  2. Dark_Horse

    Dark_Horse Private E-2

    A compiler compiles the code and debugs is, an IDE is like a helper program. If your nly starting out start with an IDE like Microsoft Visual C++. Brilliant program and the Expess version is free....
  3. asplode

    asplode Private E-2

    IDE = Integrated Development Environment

    It's like Visual C++, bloodshed dev c++, and a number of other programs. It combines a notepad-like editor with syntax highlighting and error catching and integrates it with the compiler.

    Compilers alone are usually command-line affairs, in which you open the text editor of your choice, save your work, and use the command line tools to build it. No error checking is done as you code, save for yourself, no intellisense, etc.

    The long and short of it is an IDE is also a compiler, but a compiler is not necessarily and IDE. IDE's just make it easier to code, debug, and test in some people's opinion. A lot of the old hardcore geek programmers prefer the command-line compilers. Some programmers are completely lost without their IDE.

    If you want a C++ compiler for free, I'd recommend Visual C++ Express or Bloodshed Dev.
  4. PC-XT

    PC-XT Master Sergeant

    I use gcc, the GNU compiler. I don't think it is a Visual C++ compiler, though. I hand code the Windows interactions. I hear Visual C++ Express is good, but Bloodshed Dev seems to be a favorite in more of the references I've found, like C++ books, magazines, and Websites. I guess you could try them both and see which you prefer.
  5. giniBadshaah

    giniBadshaah Private E-2

    first i would like to thank all of you for replying this

    but i would like to know how i could i work with projects
    i want an ide in which i shall open a new cpp file and just compile it
    and i am asking this because i am learning c++ as it is in my curriculum and i just want a
    simple output giving compiler/ide
    and if i am asking something wrong clear that thing out
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
  6. asplode

    asplode Private E-2

    Sounds like bloodshed dev C++ would be more up your alley. Visual C++ adds a lot of code that A) looks kind of messy, B) some of which is hidden and you have to use tricks to see it, C) probably more than what your curriculum is asking for.
  7. PC-XT

    PC-XT Master Sergeant

    I tried Bloodshed Dev C++ and I like it. I got it from a CD that came with a book (so it's probably not the current version), but I think the url fo the current one is http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html

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