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"C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to blame?)

Discussion in 'Software' started by On edge, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    I'm not sure what's causing this, but I've had to restore my active partition (C:) twice using Acronis True Image after ChkDsk destroyed it.

    Short version: Windows XP tells me "The file or directory C:\$Secure is corrupt or unreadable. Please run ChkDsk utility." When I do, Windows tells me to restart so ChkDsk can do its thing. I oblige just to watch ChkDsk obliterate my hard drive. The second time I ignored the instructions to run ChkDsk, but some shortcuts on my Desktop screen stopped working, and upon restart (for other reasons), Windows ran ChkDsk anyway and destroyed the OS. I couldn't do Safe mode boot, boot to last good config, or anything else. Various rescue preparations failed, and I had to run Acronis True Image...

    What causes this, and how can I be prepared for it if it happens again?

    Should I uninstall Adv SystemCare 3 completely, or just not update to RC2?

    Why does Anvir Task Manager Pro's security risk analysis rate Winsonar 2008 as dangerous? - and talking about AnVir Task Manager Pro, I only installed it because MG has the shareware price listed as $0.95, but I think that's a typo because when I click to buy it takes me to their site w/ an asking price of $39.95...

    So what to do? Getting sick of these crashes...

    More details:
    I'm in the middle of computer cleanup + updating/installing various audio and video editing tools, but nothing too suspicious. The main suspects are Advanced SystemCare 3/RC2 as the errors started soon after I had that installed (and after it had run it's scans, done auto-cleanup,...). The other suspicious program I had running was Winsonar 2008 (learning mode). Both are free freeware cleanup/protection programs from MG.

    I assume ChkDsk is malfunctioning because when I googled the types of "errors" it's fixing, I see reports like this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/327009

    ChkDsk actions are like these [# vary]:

    Deleting an index entry with Id 8447 from index $SDH of file 9.
    Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file 1461234.

    ChkDsk did that to thousands of files on my laptop. The first time I pulled the plug on it after an hour or so of destruction; I was afraid it would delete my other partition too - I only keep the active one backup up - a second, logical, partition has all my work data, etc. The second time ChkDsk deleted/replaced a buttload of files, but then appeared stuck at 38% of one of its scans - I turned off the power after a while because nothing was happening anymore...

    Right now I'm back where I was before installing Winsonar and updating Advanced SystemCare to RC2...

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  2. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    FWIW, here are a few screen shots of my HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY. The top part of the first pic shows the very limited view from Window's regedit - is limited access to this part of registry normal? the other shots are from Registrar's Registry Manager. Please let me know if you see something wrong there.

    I originally opened my registry to check that "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Setup\RecoveryConsole" had the "SetCommand" value set to 1 (instead of 0); this is supposed to ensure that you can use the Set command in window's recovery console (and by extension access external drives, etc.) - this was off or not working earlier when I tried it during the last crash, even though it enabled now...

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  3. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    Did you or do you have Norton installed, seems to be a common issue with Norton but could also be all the monitors causing the issue.

    1. Advanced SystemCare 3 RC2 Beta is a Beta, IMO should clean up your system, not install more software.

    2. Winsonar 2008, is another monitor.

    3. Anvir Task Manager Pro is another monitor.

    Re: Anvir Task Manager Pro's security risk analysis rate Winsonar 2008 as dangerous - because of the nature of the software.

    You have monitors monitoring monitors, they might not get along well and cause a conflict.

    I would do a clean uninstall of everything you added, use CCleaner to clean files and registry and reboot after each uninstall and see if it's a conflict. (leave CCleaner at default settings)

    Did you start downloading monitors because you're having a problem? What is Raising AV in your sig, just curious...never heard of it and is that also installed?

    After you uninstall everything you downloaded recently read and follow this - works like a charm: http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=44525

    The .95 could be a typo (they're allowed a few a year, since they type like 100 wpm) or it could a leftover from a rebate that was going - not sure. Someone will check it, thanks for reporting.

    Also, I only go into my registry when instructed to do so by a Major Geek because it's dangerous to be messing around in there.
  4. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    Only Partition Magic v8.

    That was supposed to be part of my cleanip solution...

    I wanted something to detect and log new processes or services that spring up when I install a new program - in particular, I don't like the ones that try to contact the internet without asking...

    I found it to be an improvement over Window's Task Manager because it gives you more info about the processes that are running, and more options for controlling them. I'm just tired of always having to look up what this or that process is, whether I need it, and so forth...

    I've had various problems and have subsequently increased my protections while trying to streamline the amount of resources spent on them. Raising AV is a typo. It should have said RISING Antivirus. It's a freeware anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, anti-... with a real-time auto-protect shield.

    I've read those recommendations in the link, and that's pretty much what I use: RISING anti-virus is my virus/spyware/rootkit scanner and real-time shield. I use ZoneAlarm for firewall. Spybot and SpywareBlaster are installed for immunizations (generally inactive & I use Firefox). I use CCleaner to clean crap frequently, and I also like its other features for occasional use. Windows Automatic updates are on.

    I was trying Winsonar and Advanced SystemCare just recently. The drive partition into two, plus Acronis backup images of C drive are also new - System Restore is rather unreliable in my experience. And I have several other drive/memory/reg cleaners/boosters installed that I use now and then, but that's it...

    I have not re-installed Winsonar or updated AWC from RC1 to RC2 since the last crash, and so far everything is ok, but I'd like to fix the problem if anyone knows what it is - obviously I should be able to install those programs without fear of XP meltdown...
  5. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    My system crashed again, which means it wasn't Winsonar 2008 or Adv.SystemCare RC2 update, at most those triggered something already in my system... Sorry I cast doubts on fine products, just the timing/coincidence made me suspicious...

    However, I have more symptoms now; AV Rising picked up hldrrr.sys at start-up and asked whether to let it run (I refused...) However, a lot of folders and files had become hidden already, and I could only unhide them from command prompt (and that was tricky too, took me a while to find the right commands...) I also found srosa.sys in my drivers folder and deleted it. there were others though and my system kept deteriorating until it crashed and then ChkDsk delivered the final death blow; I tried to skip it, but it snug up on me while I was momentarily preoccupied - I shut off power almost right away, but it was already too late; Windows Recovery Console couldn't find my partitions, my access had been limited (Repair Console didn't let me use 'set' command anymore, even though I had enabled my access previously), previous to the crash my admin rights were also fading; at first command prompt worked, but later I couldn't run it from */system32 directory anymore. i found 5 more hidden items in system32 or drivers folder (hook- something or other... - windows wouldn't let me delete them, and when I killed the process blocking me, Windows crashed; I may have killed my own logon using Unlocker on system32 folder... picked the wrong process to unlock I suppose...) Bart's PE-Builder with XPE didn't help either because it could find my c: drive or external flash/hard disk... I had to use Acronis recovery again...

    Anyway, I guess I should post about this in the malware forum from now...
  6. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    Ever have Norton on this computer? From what I've been reading, Norton seems to cause this problem.
  7. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    Re: "C:\$Secure is corrupt" -> ChkDsk -> WinXP/SP3 dies (Adv. SystemCare 3/RC2 to bla

    I did have Symantec Anti-Virus at one point (Corporate v10 edition), but I'm pretty sure I've done a fresh windows reinstall since then - it was a while back, and I switched AVG... But I've been wavering with AVG8 because of bloat (excellent protection though). I'm trying Rising Anti-Virus now, which I like better in terms of resource use, but not sure I can trust the level of protection it provides... I just installed A-Squared Free and BitDefender Free to double check Rising for a while; I'm always downloading stuff from P2P networks (eMule), which is a frequent source of trojans, so I scan all the downloads carefully, but we'll see whether Rising misses anything that the A-Squared or BitDefender catch. I have to give kudos to AVG8 for at least providing excellent protection...

    Another issue I discovered had to do with iaStor.sys driver, and maybe other drivers: Turns out my Windows XP Pro SP2 CD didn't have all the necessary drivers, so when I updated for SP3 some drivers were left out, and same issue with Bart's PE-Builder I assume. That was responsible for Recovery Console failure and presumably why Bart's PE-Builder didn't find my hard disk or USB devices... I'm now using nLite to make a new, improved Win XP/SP3 boot CDs and Recovery center...

    Also, I noticed my Wireless was at times connecting to another computer somewhere (instead my own Secure DSL wireless network)... not sure whether that would really be of any concern, but the thought occurred to me that someone may have tried to hack into my computer, my computer may have picked up something unintentionally that way - again, I don't know how any of that would work, so... I just removed that computer from my Wireless Networks list.

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