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Cabel modem and switch problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jef231, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. jef231

    jef231 Private E-2

    I have a Comcast cable modem and I wanted to share 2 Gateway E-4200 computers(WIN 98). I set up a Netgear Fast Switch(5 ports)(FS105) and connected the modem to port 1 and the 2 Gateways to ports 2 and 3. The first Gateway connected quickly, but I cannot connect the second Gateway. Any advice? Many thanks!
  2. TheDoug

    TheDoug MajorGeek

    No router, no shared connection. Not with just a switch anyway. The modem can assign only one IP-- whoever gets it first gets it.
  3. jef231

    jef231 Private E-2

    Many thanks! I thought I needed the router but wasn't too sure.

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