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cable modem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pdhairy, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. pdhairy

    pdhairy Private E-2

    I recently established a home network with a cable modem and a wireless router. I have two desktop computers connected to the router with ethernet cables. My problem is that when I turn everything on using a single switch from my powerstrip, I connect to the modem but have no internet. This happens with both computers, one is Windows XP and one is Windows 7. Windows suggests to turn off the modem and turn it back on. It works and I am connected to the internet. As long as one computer is connected, another can then be turned on and has no problem. Laptops can access the internet via wireless with no problem.

    Is this normal? Why do I have to have a computer turned on before the modem? Is there a way to fix this?
  2. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    Usually, you turn on the modem, wait for it to come up, turn on the router, then everything else. I suspect the problem is that by turning them all on at the same time, the login information that the modem needs is not getting to it or it's trying to get the login from the computer instead of the modem. It is normal. Try turning on the devices the way that the ISP recommends. You may need to use two power strips if that is your preferred method.
  3. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    You really need to keep the modem powered all the time along with the router. Only shut the computer down at the button on the device, not by powering down the whole surge strip. If a storm is rolling through and you know that the electrical grid you are in is not the best, either get a UPS, or shut everything down for the time until it passes.
  4. pdhairy

    pdhairy Private E-2

    My router and modem have the same switch on my power strip so when I power up they both start up. Power also goes to my computer but it is turned off. Even if I wait 5 minutes or more, when I start the computer I get the connection but no internet. But leaving the computer on, I power down the modem and router with their individual switch and waiit 10 seconds and power them back up. Then I have a connection and the internet.
  5. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    The computer may be storing the login for the modem, which would be odd. Usually when you add a router to the configuration, the router stores the passwords. Instead of turning on the router and modem, turning it off and turning it back on again, why not just turn the computer on first and then the devices?
  6. pdhairy

    pdhairy Private E-2

    Its a habit I guess. I just recently purchased the router. It is a wireless router but works also with an ethernet cable. Maybe it only goes into wireless mode if it doesn't see a computer on the ethernet cable when it powers up. I basically wanted to find out if the modem was going bad.
  7. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    Say what? Never heard that one before. Where did you pull up this oh, so nonfactual information.

    I can not wait for the answer on this one.
  8. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    Suggest reading the information that came with it. WiFi is always enabled, until the person setting it up, maintaining, or the end user goes into the administrative properties and disables the radio. Has nothing to do with plugging in a ethernet cable or not.
  9. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    pd, try powering the devices in the correct order leaving a minute or two between them and see if that solves the problem. If it does, you'll just need to adjust your routine to allow for your new device.

    I see now, it's a new device and it works, just not when you power it all up at once. You probably haven't seen the instructions from your provider that says if you have a router to wait for the modem to come up before powering the router on, since you first installed your modem.

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