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cable modem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by eric06, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. eric06

    eric06 Sergeant Major

    hey guys,
    yeah its me again. i put a call into cox but they still haven't gotten back to me yet. my friend down the street has the same sevice and modem as me, and he runs it through ehternet and i run mine through usb. i want to try the ethernet way but my computer won't show the conection as even existing. any ideas? i did ask my friend but he knows nothing about computers, and says a guy (i think a tech) set it up for him. so any ideas would be great.

  2. glennk721

    glennk721 MajorGeek

    Just a question do you have you ethernet card properly installed, drivers and all???????
  3. eric06

    eric06 Sergeant Major

    yeah i have re-installed the drivers 3 times.

  4. TheDoug

    TheDoug MajorGeek

    See my reply in your other thread.
  5. eric06

    eric06 Sergeant Major

    thanks doug, that anwsered one of my questions, but the fact still remains that my computer will not show the ethernet connection. thanks for the help


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