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Calibrating Logitech Dual Action Gamepad

Discussion in 'Software' started by Genyar, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Genyar

    Genyar Private E-2

    I'm using a Logitech Dual Action Gamepad, Model G-UD8, similar to the G-UF13A, and also kind of similar to the F310 Gamepad, with Windows XP.

    Everything on the Gamepad works except for the joysticks. The joysticks are definitely not calibrated properly.

    I"ve tried updating, upgrading and manipulating the software in all sorts of ways, but nothing works. The joysticks keep moving around on the screen and won't let me turn them right, when I test them on Properties in the Logitech Profiler. The same thing happens when I play GTA Vice City.

    Is there a calibration utility to fix this problem?

    Or is it still possible to fix it with the profiler? It looks like there may still be a way to fix the joysticks with the profiler, cause there are so many settings, but how?

    I've tried manipulating the axis properties, but that doesn't seem to work. However, it's so tricky with so many menu options. I think I came close a few times when I saw percentages showing and changing as I moved the joysticks, but I still couldn't get it to change the way the joystick behaved, and wasn't sure where to save the changes or how to manipulate the X-axis directional control for example. It's really complicated.

    Manipulating the sensitivity and dead zone helps a little, but not much. May be the solution has something to do with zone mapping? Anyone know how to proceed?


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