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can anyone help please?

Discussion in 'Software' started by cassiecassie, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. cassiecassie

    cassiecassie Private E-2

    hi everyone. i'm new here so i hope i am posting this question correctly. i have searched prior to posting but can't find the answer hence the new thread.

    i have a website (non-profit making, family friendly) and a guestbook.

    my problem is that for the past month or so someone has taken to writting highly abusive stuff on my website from time to time. obviously i don't want this because it is very nasty and sometimes even vulgar and i don't want visitors to my site to be offended either.

    i made the mistake of commenting to this poster that we were checking his/her ip address (before i realised that the ip address actually shows up in my message management page). all previous messages were deleted as soon as i saw them.

    now the poster is using an ip address via guardster (i put the last ip address into google and that is the info that came up).

    now my questions:

    1. is there anyway of looking back to find out the ip addresses of the messages i deleted? i emailed the guestbook provider but so far have no response. i also checked back on 'my history' button but clicking on the relevent things just brings me the update version (ie today). is there anyway that i can find deleted posting on my computer without the help of the guestbook provider?

    2. is there anyway to find out the true ip address of someone using guardster?

    3. i am i correct in assuming that someone using a site such as guardster has some computer/net savy? i would not have known such a site existed and i have been on the net a lot.

    sorry to be so long winded about it but i wanted to get all the facts to you.

    hope someone can help as i would really like to know who is being abusive (it is quite personal sometimes).

    thanks in advance!


    ps: i am happy enough with my guestbook provider so i don't particularly want to change that and i have also been able to disable him/her posting pictures. but my main object is find out the identity of who is doing the stuff.

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