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Can download but can't surf web on wireless connection.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ymiiing, May 30, 2010.

  1. ymiiing

    ymiiing Private E-2

    Wireless router: Linksys WRT54G2 V1
    OS: Vista

    Run MalwareBytes, no problem found.
    Reset Winsock already and Run LSPfix, no problem there as well.
    Proxy server turned off.

    If i connect to cable everything is fine, but I need to connect wirelessly for hardware convenience.

    So what is wrong with my router?

    Also, my Ipod touch can't seem to connect to my home network although it can connect to wifi spots outside. (I know this should be on a different thread, but somebody might be able to hit two birds with one stone).

    Would really appreciate your help.. :)

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