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Can See Wireless Connection, but cannot connect to it

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lowie57, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. lowie57

    lowie57 Private First Class

    Ok, sorry if this is a repeat, but i am using a D-Link DSL G604T, i just put a D-Link DWL-G520+ wireless network card into my desktop, for some reason it can find the wireless connection, but when i click connect, the window that says, please wait while windows connects just stays there, after a few minutes it dissapeares and it isnt connected, i dont understand why i can see my wireless network, but cant connect, i have set all my ip thingies to Obtain ip automatically, i cant think of anything else that would be proventing it, i turned my firewalls off and all. i have 2 comps connected directly to the router, i used to wirelessly connect my mothers comp to it, but cant seem to get mine to connect.

    any help will be muchly appreciated!

  2. lbmest

    lbmest MajorGeek

  3. lowie57

    lowie57 Private First Class

    ok i had a skim thru it, i can now connect to my network, but cannot get on to the internet...
  4. lbmest

    lbmest MajorGeek

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