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Canceling autoplay

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by shyoren, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. shyoren

    shyoren Private E-2

    Hey guys.
    I'm trying to cancel for good the auto play in my xp for the external hard drive. I did one thing in the reg. and it cancel the cd\dvd autoplay but did not effect the usb port. Help?
  2. sl00py99

    sl00py99 Private First Class

    :eek: Hi. Going into the registry and messing around, unless you are either very brave, patient, or something else <g>, is not necessarily a good approach. I have been there. It can be a bit like white-water kayaking without the kayak. And you don't want to know where you may find the paddle when you are done. It seems that there are a couple of tweaking utilities that will do this kinda stuff for you without you ending up being Mr. Kayak Paddle Chaser Guy. Or, the other approach is to back up the registry first with ERUNT or take your chances with System Restore or something else, and then fire up REGEDT32.EXE and find out just exactly what you are made of. Some prior reading at annoyances.org and other such places wouldn't be a bad idea. Good night and good luck.
  3. sl00py99

    sl00py99 Private First Class

    :eek: How about this?? .
    Hope it helps. Good night and good luck.
  4. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Yes you can also use the TweakUI component from Powertoys for XP to control Autoruns, personally I hate the pesky option so disable it completly, but TweakUI can be set to be selective to a drive letter.

    Once installed and run in tweakui's menu you goto My Computer > Autoplay and click the + > click Drives and untick the drive letter you dont wish to autorun > apply.

    TweakUI aslo has many other great options, look through them you may fine some other options you can tweak :)
  5. Toke

    Toke MajorGeek

    My Computer/right click the drive you want to halt/properties/Auto Play/Take No Action/Apply and OK :)

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