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Cannot connect to internet through home network

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JohnSais, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. JohnSais

    JohnSais Private E-2


    I've been successfully running internet on my laptop as a client through my XP home network with internet connection for some time now. It's not used very often but has always worked OK. Now suddenly I'm getting a 'Limited Connectivity' message and cannot see my network unless I manually configure IP addresses, but still can't get onto the internet. Cant even ping addresses with ip numbers or domain names.

    All I've changed is my ISP (still on broadband, same router) and installed Comodo firewall, which has automatically detected my network and sees the incoming connection.

    What's up here, any ideas?
  2. Jamiko

    Jamiko Sergeant

    I suspect the firewall, does it work ok if you turn off the firewall?
  3. JohnSais

    JohnSais Private E-2

    Hello & Thanks for reply

    Eventually managed to get the PCs on the network to see each other by manually configuring IP address on client.

    Turn off Comodo Firewall and client can connect to Internet, turn it back on and nothing through client but host still OK. Firewall has detected the network and allows me to file share etc, just can't use the internet via host.

    Can't find any answers on the Comodo site for this, it's strange.

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