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Cannot open any .exe files?

Discussion in 'Software' started by GreenHorn Geek, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. GreenHorn Geek

    GreenHorn Geek Private E-2

    Accidentally deleted my .exe program and some others via a bunk registry cleaner, and windows cannot open any .exe files, it states needs to know what program created it, and the two options are go online to automatically look for the program-which I cannot get online with that puter as dialup dead now too, and other option is choose from a list of programs which the program that I need is not there?

    To Summarize problem, I used a Registry cleaner and deleted a few things I assumed were junk, but were not. I cannot access my backup files, system restore, or get online to remedy problem. If I could just open an .exe file I could go online and access Microsoft update to find what I've removed...I think that's right? Any other suggestions to open an .exe file? Can't get my Win/XP CD to boot up at startup either.
  2. Yargwel

    Yargwel MajorGeek

    Did the regisstry cleaner take a backup of the registry before it trashd things - most do. See if you can do a restore from there. Other wise look here
  3. GreenHorn Geek

    GreenHorn Geek Private E-2

    Alls Well!!! Accessed System Restore and al's working fine...Thanks Much!

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